Ganesh Chaturthi Special : Harsh Beniwal vs Ashish Chanchlani

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Two popular youtubers releasing their video live on Youtube at a difference of two hours is like Two Khans releasing their movies on some festive day. Kinda Competition huh!. The day being one day ahead of “Ganesh Chaturthi” marks as a great occasion to register the release.

Ashish, all looped up between relatives, as may be a true in his case as he being so popular on Youtube releases “When relatives visits you” with a tinge that connects to every Indian Family ka wo beta who takes the responsibility of all those surprise guest. This Youtube version of Bollywood’s Hit “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge” is well spiced up with the reluctant and perplexed feeling of welcoming a relative.

As usual, like his other videos in no time his video gets 5L views with the expectation he has been fulfilling but this time it’s more of an exaggerated version of the theme that he has introduced. The comic, I AM SORRY!! But doesn’t give the belly that ticklish feeling throughout. Though there are laughable moments spread over bits that maintain the charisma of the video and its theme. The spice is all we see in the beginning and towards the climax but unfortunately the middle portion has been missing those “Chanchalani Ingredients” that zest up the delicacy. We may miss the adult content and language that vitalizes his videos and way much expected by Indian audience.

On the other hand, Harsh Beniwals release i.e “Friendzone ka Punchnama” is an improvised version of the Bollywood monologue that marks the signature theme of ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama , rocks it with the “Beniwal wala style” improvisation in the monologue. The Desi Rollercoaster ride that the monologue takes us through, connects very well of much trending culture in our society “Being Friendzoned”. No offence, Girls may go offended but he unveiled this Friendzoned wala Truth in a much much interesting way than any other.

With not much exaggeration, the video is entertaining all throughout potraying all the ‘siyappa’ of a guy who is confined only to friendship being mere stepney in a committed girl’s life. The use of the adult abbreviation and some bold script connects well to the youth who enjoys every bit of it.The climax unveils with a comic satiric situation which depicts that a friendzoned guy’s words and action doesn’t match.

If you wanna know what I am talking about – go and watch the video ..HAHA!!

Ashish Chanchlani – When Relatives Visit you

Harsh Beniwal – Friendzone ka Punchnama

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