Jayvijay Sachan Reacts On Supreme Court No need to stand-up during the National Anthem

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Almost eleven months after the Supreme Court made it compulsory for cinema halls to play National Anthem before screening of movies, the court on Monday firmly suggested at revising its order, stating it is for the Centre to take a call on drafting proper rules and regulations.

“People do not need to stand up at a cinema hall to be recognized as patriotic,” the court said, adding that it “cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for the national anthem, then he is less patriotic”. People go to cinema halls for undiluted entertainment, said the judges.

Now amidst all these rules and its modification, one man took a jibe at the court’s order. In the world of web, he is known by the name of Jayvijay Sanchan. The man we are talking about is one of the talented artists of the country. He does mimicry in the form of a storytelling. He can perform 50-60 acts continuously and holds a double Masters degree in Arts.  He has also worked as a Radio jockey for a year and came on IGT to prove his talent which he thinks is unique. He doesn’t believe in dark humour. He can imitate 150 to 200 known and unknown voices. He owns a YouTube channel, which goes by his name. His YouTube channel is very successful and it consistently garners more than a million views per video.

Recently, after all this fuss about whether to stand up during a national anthem before a movie or not, Jayvijay Sanchan released a video on his YouTube channel. In this video, Sanchan is seen mimicking various celebrities. From Nana Patekar to Ajay Devgn, from Aamir Khan to Irrfan Khan, the talented Sanchan mimics all. Though hilarious, but the video conveys a strong message too.

The only question Jayvijay Sanchan asks is- what pain does it take to stand up for 52 seconds? And the same question, we should ask to ourselves!

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Meanwhile, enjoy the video here:

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