10 Underrated Indian YouTubers to watch out for

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#1. Karunesh Talwar

This YouTuber is only 5 videos old and has already raked in 77000 subscribers. He started out as a writer initially and then barged into the stand-up scene by winning various open mic competitions including the Comedy Store’s Raw! Each of his videos garners around a million views and the viewership has only been increasing. Karunesh believes in creating comedy by content and by not by resorting to the theatrics of voice modulation or making funny faces and that is what sets him apart from the others.

Watch His Most Video Here


#2. Arré

Arré is an infotainment channel that has not only dabbled into making sketches and video series but also worked on audio scripts, doodles and even documentaries. It truly is the ‘jack of all trades and master amongst all’ among YouTube channels. The channel was initially backed by the Bollywood biggie Ronnie Screwala through his digital media company UDigital. Their stake to fame however have been their quirky web series ‘A.I.S.H.A – Virtual Girlfriend’ and ‘Official Chukyagiri’ web series

Watch Official Chukyagiri First Episode Here


#3. Rascalas

This is one channel that has come from a strong theatrical background. Hence naturally, the theatrical flavor can be seen in the content they produce. The channel took the internet by storm with their ‘South of India’ video, a parody song of Billy Joel’s Chartbuster, ‘We didn’t start the fire’ and since then there has been no looking back! Though few of their content has been in south Indian languages, there is plenty of content in English too.
Pro-Tip: Do check out their literally Google translated songs series! There are lit AF

Watch Speed Placements Video Here

#4. Be YouNick

Maharashtrians have these uncanny characteristics of interpolating the local flavor into whatever they create and this YouTube channel does exactly that! Short, light-hearted and witty videos are sure to keep you in good spirits and each of their videos has a concluding characteristic punch that will make you go ROFLMAO! Do watch out their ‘Men Will Be Men’ and ‘The Perfect Guy’ web series.

Watch Men Will Be Men-3 Here


#5. The Timeliners

Well for starters, The Timeliners are almost a century videos old and if you still haven’t checked them out, what planet are you living on?  One look at the channel and you will recognize the artistes instantly for having featured in so many TVF videos. The Timeliners have done it all – from web-series, street interviews, funny videos and even indulged in choreography gigs!

Watch Types Of Girls At A Wedding Here:


#6. Random Chikibum

When MBAs and engineers collaborate to an intense level, something big is sure to come out of it and that is what Rahul Subramanium, Sunny Basu, Varun Kumar and Abhinay set out to do in 2015 and the result was Random Chikibum! The team participated in the OML Comedy Hunt 2015 and emerged as a winner competing against top notch entries from 1500 other teams! Hence it is no wonder, the quality of their videos has remained crisp, and witty.
Did we also mention that you can find these artists in videos produced by AIB, including the recent series ‘Honest Engineering Placements’? Well, success does take you places.

Watch The IT Department Here


#7. Abhishek Upamanyu

Google out ‘Abhishek Upamanyu’ and you will be directed to the LinkedIn profile of a geeky engineer with a robust technical work experience under his belt but that is not what Abhishek is famous for! A stand-up comedian, only four videos old, he has already raked up 300 thousand subscribers. Abhishek’s quirky style of delivering punches is a sure hit the home run every time!

Watch His Best Standup Comedy video Here

#8. Nishant Tanwar

Going by the pseudonym ‘Joke Singh’, Nitish started with performing at corporate shows and events after quitting his job at NDTV but it was his stint at YouTube that brought him into the spotlight. Nishant has a unique way of delivering comedy with a cool demeanor and tiny bursts of pauses that make his apt comic timing something to be envied off! He is not a cool comedian but a ‘Mahacool’ comedian

Watch His Most viewed Here

#9. VIVA

Four years ago, when Sabarish Kandruegula shot the sketch ‘The Viva’, he probably didn’t expect the unprecedented response to it but what followed was a huge influx of viewership and the video currently stands at 14 million views, the channel’s highest views till date. Naturally, Sabarish tapped into the video’s popularity by naming his YouTube channel after the viral video. VIVA sketches not only combine slap stick jokes but also make use of situational comedy relief, which portray even the mundane activities in a funny way. They make the videos primarily in Telugu but they also incorporate subtitles to cater to their pan-Indian viewership

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#10. The Satya Show

If political commentary and satire is your cup of tea, then look no further – The Satya Show is easily one of the wittiest channel when it comes to commentaries on politics and other trending topics. With a subscriber base of just 1.3 lakhs, The Satya Show is one of the most underrated Indian YouTube channel. Almost each of its commentary series viz. Viral Fuddu, Expose, Trash Cassettes are honestly rib tickling and deserve a watch. The impressions that Satya does of political leaders and various other characters spice up the comic quotient of the show.

Watch Tube Light Video Here:

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