Eros Now’s ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’ – Trailer Out Now

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The election season is on its peak and has brought with itself a fair share of stories out in the media. One of those is Eros Now’s biopic on current Indian prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. The OTT platform recently unveiled the trailer of this much-awaited web-series showing the life journey of Modi. Titled ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’, the trailer of Eros Now’s original series highlights the pivotal instances and events of Modi’s life journey.

Anticipated to release in April, ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’ is a 10-episode show directed by Umesh Shukla of ‘Oh My God’ and ‘102 Not Out’ and stars Faisal Khan, Ashish Sharma, and Mahesh Thakur as Modi. Walking on the same lines as of Omung Kumar’s feature movie on Modi, starring Vivek Oberoi, this series traverses the journey of Modi since his childhood days as a ‘Chaiwala’ to becoming prime minister of the biggest democratic country in the world, India.

The Trailer – Does it live up to the hype?

Eros Now pulled the curtains on its upcoming series only a few days ago, which has received mixed reviews from common people as well as political parties. The three-and-half minutes long trailer opens with the lead character, Modi narrating a captivating dialogue,

Even God is not superior to the Nation,
No religion is superior to Independence,
And, no amount of prayers is superior to democracy.

As the enigmatic voice disappears from the audio, the trailer video then takes viewers back in time when Modi was running on railway platforms trying to sell tea to commuting passengers. The trailer progresses ahead and shows his entry into the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a follower, his admission into Indian politics as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and his emergence as a strong-willed and determined PM of India.

However, Modi’s journey of becoming a follower to leader is not a straight-path story, and trailer of Umesh Shukla’s ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’ does not shy away from bringing those events into the limelight. The three-and-half minutes long trailer also features the infamous burning of Sabarmati Express in Godhra on February 22, 2002, and the communal riots that happened as the aftermath of that incident. With every detailed shot and a nicely written plot, the series promises to connect with people at a level that is not driven by any political agenda. Alongside, the dialogues of the series are such penned down and presented by the characters that try to show the zeal of Modi in serving the nation and BJP.

But while the director has tried to bring in the image of common man into the narrative of Modi’s life journey, releasing it during the peak of election season does send a message of marketing to Indian citizens. The series is about to go live in a few days, and only the response of the viewers would describe how ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’ has been embraced by the common man, in reality.

All the episodes of ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’ are out now on Eros Now, and in no time, Onplay News would unveil if this series is worth your time. Stay Tuned for the honest review of ‘Modi – Journey of a Common Man’.

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