Superwoman a.k.a Lilly Singh in India: Deets here!

She has garnered 14 million subscribers and attracts more than 10 billion views for her videos.

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YouTube FanFest 2019 has been making buzz all across the nation since it was announced earlier this month. The biggest video-sharing digital platform in the world has brought various creative and imaginative personalities on the planet and given them a foundation to showcase their talent to people across the globe.

The recent event of YTFF 2019 held in Mumbai was such an occasion, which celebrated the freedom of thought and creativity. Bringing all the superstars of the video-sharing platform together on one single stage, YTFF 2019 turned out to be an event full of amazing performances scattered throughout the evening of 30th March. And this time, our own Superwoman aka Lilly Singh too flew from her home in west to grace the red carpet of YTFF 2019 held in Mumbai. She has also shared a number of pictures on her Instagram feed of the India trip. But this is not the first time, Lilly Singh has visited the nation. She even came to India for her the promotions of her book titled, ‘How to Be a Bawse: A guide to Conquering life’.

She performed a few of her feet-tapping songs along with her friend, Humble the Poet at YTFF 2019. Let’s look at the journey of this Indian-Canadian YouTube sensation and her recent trip to India.

Start of her YouTube channel – iiSuperwomanii

Lilly Singh began her YouTube career in 2010 as a distraction from the problems she was facing in her life during that time. Giving a comedic and satirical twist to daily life activities, Lilly Singh soon emerged as the comedy queen of the digital platform. Then, Lilly even started her Vlog channel in 2011 that titled ‘Superwoman Vlogs’, which had videos of her regular daily routine. Later, she even started to write, compose, and release her music videos on her channel. Currently, she has garnered 14 million subscribers and attracts more than 10 billion views for her videos. Lilly Singh has also been a regular in YouTube rewind video since 2014. Recently, she also announced that she is going to host her own show ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’ on NBC.

Visiting India for YTFF 2019

After attending the YTFF of 2016, Lilly Singh came to India once again to grace the YTFF 2019 event that was held in Mumbai on 30th March. She announced the news to her fans on Twitter and Instagram and even asked them to drop in suggestions regarding the songs they want her to perform on stage. With requests pouring in left and right, Lilly Singh came up with a list of songs she had rounded on performing and shared the same on her Twitter handle.

In the 18-minute long performance, Lilly also gave a few life advice and hacks to the audience about the causes, which are close to her heart. She was even later joined in by Varun Dhawan and Amanda Cerny for her rap track inspired by the song ‘Aankh Maarey’.

Collaborations, Meetings, and YouTube videos

But how could Lilly come to India and not upload any of her own creations on YouTube? Not possible. The most recent video of Lilly hit YouTube a few days ago and has already amassed more than a million views. Titled ‘If Bollywood Songs were Rap,’ this video imagines few of the top Bollywood songs as rap tracks while giving out major hints at consent, bisexuality, and body as well as mental positivity.

And this is not all. Lilly even collaborated with Prajakta Koli of MostlySane and featured in her video, ‘Purane Yaar’. Having garnered more than a million views already, this video of MostlySane shows Lilly Singh in her on-screen father’s avatar ‘Manjeet Singh’, and Prajakta Koli in her male avatar, ‘Manoj Koli’. The duo donned other virtual avatars of there as well and had an entertaining script that kept the audiences hooked throughout the entire video.

Apart from meeting and collaborating with her YouTube counterparts, Lilly Singh also burned the dance floor with Ranveer Singh at the GQ Style and Cultural award in Mumbai. Sharing her experience on social media, Lilly uploaded a photo of her with the ‘Gully Boy’ star and captioned it with long a status mentioning how Ranveer Singh has been a positive influence of her. On the other side, it was Lilly who inspired Nikunj Lotia of ‘Be YouNick’ to start his YouTube channel when he first got to experience Lilly’s live performance in YTFF 2016. His post on Instagram on how Lilly became the inspiration to his success says it all.

But not everything has been about YouTubers and Bollywood stars. Lilly even came as a guest on a show of Film Companion, where she was interviewed by the famous film critic, journalist, and director, Anupama Chopra. Talking about her late night show and wanting to act in a Bollywood film, Lilly spilled so many secrets in the interview.

So, head over to YouTube or her Instagram page or her recent interview and enjoy the Lilly Singh at her best.

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