A must watch list of trending Holi videos of 2k19

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“Red for love, yellow for friendship, White for peace, and green for prosperity, Alone they signify different notions, but when mixed together, They make up the vibrant and colorful festival of Holi”

Just a few days ago, the holy land of India burst into colors on the auspicious day of Holi, the festival of color, laughter, and sweets. Celebrated all across the country, and even the globe, Holi arrives every year in the month of March and covers the entire nation into a thick blanket of shiny colors. Signifying the victory of pure and divine power over immoral souls, the Holi festival is most revered by everyone, even our favorite YouTubers.

Be it Prajakta Koli of MostlySane fame or Bhuvan Ban of BB ki Vines, Holi has always attracted and enticed such YouTubers to come up with Holi-themed video content for their fans. In such a case, let us take a look at the newly released videos by our favorite YouTubers on Holi and sneak a peek into their way of celebrating Holi this festive season.

Holi – Expectations vs Reality by Jordindian

What can we expect from the duo of Jordindian? Laughter, laughter, and more laughter, where this video does full justice to the comedy genre. Taking the cue from the expectations people have during the Holi season to the reality they later come face to face with, the video shows humorous instances where the reality of celebrating a festival wins over our imaginary expectations.

Released this year in March, the video is segmented into various sections such as ‘Holi Spirit’, which will remind you of the most enthusiastic guy you had ever met during Holi, ‘The Romantic Romeo’ showing the love birds playfully engaging in the festival of colors, and ‘The Office’, where the office going crowd could not wash off their colors even after bathing for seven to eight times. The video is sure to tickle your funny bone with its sarcastic one-liners and relatable instances because let’s face even our Holi expectations never turned into reality.

Holi Ka Plan Kya Hai? – By MostlySane

How would you feel when its Holi and your friends are out there enjoying their life to the fullest, while you sulk alone at your home? This is exactly how our protagonist is going through in her video, which was released this year in March. But wait, there’s more. Prajakta’s brother tries to console her by saying that he won’t leave her side and would play Holi with her instead of his friends. However, brothers aren’t always that sweet. And Prajakta is left alone again when her brother ditches her to go play Holi at ‘nukkad’ with her friends. So, tumhare Holi ka kya plan hai?

Holi Hai by Ashish Chanchlani

Remember trying to convince a friend to play Holi who doesn’t like colors, having balloon gang wars, drinking ‘bhaang’, and convincing a girl to play Holi because she thinks applying colors will give her pimples. Well, if you have such memories then this video by Ashish Chanchlani will take you back to those days when playing Holi was full of fun and laughter, without exam tensions or office deadlines.

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