Dhinchak Pooja enters Bigg Boss House – Melodrama Begins

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Well! Well! Well! As confirmed by Onplay News, Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain enters Bigg Boss house on 22nd October 2017 – Sunday Weekend ka vaar.

Hence, this ‘WAS’ a big news. Yes, It WAS!! As what is so spicy now is the reaction after she entered the Bigg Boss Season 11. Onplay News posed few questions in its last article which has rightly got the answer.

We all definitely wanted to know Salman Khan’s reaction over Dhinchak’s Entry, right? Well, keep patience and read ahead, you will get it all here.

Dhinchak’s entry has been as ‘Khatarnak’ as Salman’s laughter after watching her cringe pop videos. Before, Dhinchak Pooja’s entry on stage, Salman watched a small compiled video of the works of Pooja, live on screen. As expected, he wondered what actually it was and his reaction answers it all.
Here are few…

Well, after this, Salman Khan welcomed Dhinchak on stage and started backfiring questions before she could speak, but! but! but! What was surprising was that Pooja was so much confident with her gestures. Though she is a very big Salman Fan, she held herself there as a poised celebrity there which just increased the respect for her even more. He left no stones unturned to mock her in every way possible, she stood there with utmost perfect personality and answered honestly and confidently.

Well, Salman cannot be blamed for that either, as being a very entertaining host at Bigg Boss, it is his  charm that has just made things so much entertaining on Bigg Boss. After a short conversation with her and some fun enlightened time, Salman paved her the way inside the house.

Way inside the house, there was waiting another drama for her with full on melodramatic ambience, which she actually didn’t know. So, let’s see what unfolded when she went inside the home.

Well, before her entry, her hit song “Diloon ka shooter hai mera scooter” was played just to give a cue to the fellow people inside the house of her arrival. Let’s see the reaction of the house inmates as soon as they realised that Dhinchak Pooja is coming..

Ufffff!! Such reactions. No doubt, it was expected. But something that was not expected was Hina Khan’s and Shilpa Shinde’s immature reraction. Where on one hand, Hina Khan didn’t even come out of the house to welcome Pooja, on the other hand Shilpa Shinde left no stones unturned to defame Pooja in a negative way.

This was very unwelcoming for such mature celebrities and hence they received for what they sowed. Please have a glance at this..

These are the reaction of the fans after watching the episode which clearly shows that even common people have observed this situation as something very disrespectful.

It’s very immaterial that what content Dhinchak Pooja is making, What matters is that despite so much negative motivation she has always kept up with her hard work and honest personality.

She has earned massive respect now with her cool and never mind way to handle things. All the very best to her as somewhere or the other she is representing the YouTube community at a mainstream level.

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