#OnTalk With Pankaj Sharma – The face of Baklol Vines

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“Some choose the traditional path of success, some become the tradition themselves.”

And we are talking about the boy who proved that risking a bit and working harder towards your passion will result in the happiest phase of life. Yes, his name is Pankaj Sharma, the face of Baklol videos who has added a desi raw flavor to the craft of wine-making. He has clearly done a phenomenal job in using a special style of language to strike through the love and appreciation from audiences.
So let’s see what Mr. Sharma has to say about his journey till now :

1. How did your journey transcend from Facebook to YouTube? When did it all started?

I started posting videos on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. But, YouTube was relatively difficult to gauge more audience because it wasn’t a popular website at that time and, the internet was costlier. People had more fascination with Facebook. So, it was a gradual process of first marking a good number on Facebook and then focus on YouTube. I started in August 2016.

2. Was there any influence behind you coming up in vine making?

No. There was no influence as there were not many people that time into this career. I had been into the theatre before making videos. And, I always felt that theatre ka show 500 log dekhenge, but agar ek video acha hua toh 500 log aur 500 logo ko dikhaenge. So, I had a keen interest in using my acting skills on such a platform where it can reach more viewers. Also, I had seen Bhuvan Bam coming up very well through his talent.

3. You started making videos after your MBA. How difficult was it to convince your parents about your passion?

Yes, I did start making videos after your MBA and it was difficult to cope with the job settlement expectation. I even took a job for six months in NIIT, Gurgaon. But, I consistently worked towards my passion. I used to get scolded by my office people since I was caught making videos during office hours sometimes.
Gradually, things changed. As my videos got viral, my family also started supporting me more. Even I got good sponsors and earnings also became better.

“यूँ तो शर्मा जी के बेटों ने पढ़-पढ़ के ख़ूब डाँट खिलवाई है घरवालों से,
पर इस शर्मा जी के बेटे ने इज़्ज़त बढ़ाई है सपनों के फसानों की”

4. “Teacher vs students” series released 11 parts within one year and got many views. How did you feel about such a great audience response?

Teacher Vs Student is a series which everyone can relate to very easily because everyone has been there at some point in their life. We have even met small kids recognizing us for these videos. We always try that our video is well filtered of good content so that an entire generation can be covered with all ages in the audience list.

5. What has been your best fan moment till now?

It is great to meet your fans. When they come and appreciate us for videos and click a selfie, it feels good. I think the best fan moment till now has been the time when we went to see Ramleela once. Yogesh, me, and Sweety were together and it took around one and a half hour for us to reach the main stage. There was a big crowd and we didn’t expect that we would be meeting so many people. It was amazing!

6. Would you prefer doing web series with any big player like Amazon prime, alt Balaji etc?

Yes, for sure. I would love to be a part of any such collaboration and working with them.

7. Which baklol video is the closest to your heart?

We generally try to make videos outlining a social message. For example, topics like a parent-children relationship or Indian Army. We have always tried to enact the emotions which people feel along with a social message. So, all videos are unique and different in their own way.

We wish all the luck and love to the Baklol Team. Keep rocking!!

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