#OnTalk With Bidita Bag – The future face of Indian Web World

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She came to Mumbai like a lot come, but surely, she has bagged a unique name!

You might have seen her in the famous makeup-man’s daughter Fair-n-Lovely advertisement or you might have seen her phenomenal walks in Lakme Fashion Weeks. Yes! We have the model turned actress, Bidita Bag who gave a glimpse of her journey to Onplay News in weekend special On-Talk. So let’s have a look at what the Miss Bag had to say:

1. What has changed in Bidita in the last ten years? Bidita in 2009 Vs Bidita in 2019!

A lot of things have changed. If I talk about my journey ten years ago, I never thought that I would be an actress. I had a craft at painting and singing and later started with modeling and gradually the “Acting Keeda” took over it. But what I see, ten years back it was very difficult to make contacts in the industry. I used to carry my portfolio in A4 paper file and pen drive for the details. It was a whole another struggle to take out numbers of producers and directors :-D. Now, social media has made it quite easy to communicate. Also, I feel like a girl, cities are safer now. You can travel for your work without any worry.

2. There are only a few self-made stars in the industry. What kept you motivated to stay strong?

Yes. It is true. Coming here is easy but the real task is to survive the scenarios. Sometimes I had a stretch of six months where I had no work and sometimes I had a lot of work where I had to manage my personal space and priorities accordingly. You have to consistently work towards your goal. But there are cases also when we don’t get paid for the work we do. I take a strong stand against such people because it is disappointing! I have faced such situations with big directors as well. Therefore, the entire journey involves a lot more struggle than it looks on the screen.

3. Do you think Babumosai gave you the expected break in the industry? How was your experience with Nawazuddin Siddiqui sir?

Yes, I would agree that Babumosai brought me into the limelight. I was working hard for a long time but Babumosai gave me that recognition which was needed to push me towards better projects as an actor.
Nawaz Sir! What I can say about him! I think he has become a legend now. He is such a humble soul anyone can see.

4. What change Web World is bringing as an industry according to you?

Web industry, like any other platform, has pros and cons as well. Some people are just taking it as a reason to portray sudo feminism ideas or making a story of how friends go to Goa, do drugs and fun, and sex. Whereas some people are doing phenomenal work which marks a meaning to their craft of acting. The later describes my vision of work as well. I want to do projects which add meaning to my work. Maybe that’s why my debut in web-series is relatively late.

5. Tell us something more about your upcoming show: The Sholay Girl.

Sholay Girl is a 90 minutes crisp short film showcasing the life of India’s first stunt woman, Reshma Pathan who had worked for actresses like Hema Malini, Rekha, and Dimple Kapadia. I had to do a lot of stunts in the making but as I am trained in martial arts, it made it easier. The character is a strong woman and how her journey of life unlocks.

6. Where would we see Bidita Bag next?

I will be seen soon in my next biopic project of a cop, Bhaukal. Apart from this, I will be working with Shreyas Talpade on the project Teen Do Paanch which is based on the adoption of kids.

7. Sholey Girl’s trailer has got a great response. What would you like to say about it?

It feels good. But, the entire team is looking forward to how the audience would feel after watching the film. We have put in a lot of hard work in Sholay Girl. So, I am just waiting how it would land in the viewers’ hearts.

8. Who is your role model/inspiration in the female world?

I portrayed Dayabai in one of my films. She inspires me a lot. She was a social reformer who did a lot of work for the society and then I would say Reshma Pathan, who gave India its first stunt woman.

Cheers to the new Bindaas voice of Web world!! Happy Women’s Day Bidita.

Watch the trailer of The Sholay Girl

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