Unveiling the India’s No. 1 Prank Star: AVR

From 236k on his first video to 5.2million views on the latest, Vinay has proved how life gives you success and happiness when you start with a positive will and hard work.

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1. First, what is the full form of AVR? How did Youtube happen to you: A plan or a coincident?

AVR stands for Apka Apna Vinay Rajput. We never really thought this title would be so popular among the audiences. As far as my journey is concerned, I was always a funny kid and used to make people happy. But, it started when I saw some foreign videos and thought that something like this should be brought to India as well. And that’s how we shot our first video in 2014. There were not many views but the people who watched it gave positive feedback. So, along with my college then till my family business bits now, YouTube has been my all-time passion and work.

From 236k on his first video to 5.2million views on the latest, Vinay has proved how life gives you success and happiness when you start with a positive will and hard work.

2. In a time where the content is made in a variety of genres, any specific reason why you choose pranks as your stream?

I was a big fan of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. It was because of him that my journey began, and I was so sure to bring the concept of pranks in India. Interacting with people along with little fun was what I liked. And I knew “Alag nahi karenge toh maza nahi aaega”.

3. How do your parents’ feel about your journey?

Initially, like most Indian parents, they also didn’t support me much. The fear of “Log kya kahenge” and the dream of seeing their son in a “Sarkari Naukri” was all that happened. But, I was determined enough to work towards my goal.
But now, things have gradually changed. Seeing the success of the channel, now my parents are as excited as me whenever a new video is about to go live.

4. We have seen videos of Pranks including your parents. Which one has the best memory? Do they doubt your actions in real life as pranks as well?

The video in which I did a prank on my Dad as a drug addict got me severe beating by Dad. Even my Mom has been in my videos beating me 😀
And yes, it does happen in real life as well. Whenever I am trying to do a normal conversation, even then my Mom would be looking for a hidden camera around. So, it is not easy now to do pranks on them.

Watch out how AVR did a prank on his Dad –

5. It is not easy to do pranks in India because people are not too open and do not accept easily. So how difficult is it to prepare yourself to do it?

I think Indian audiences have changed over the last years. As far as my channel is concerned, I always try to have a good approach to the audience because prank is a stream where you cannot predict the response of the other person. Exceptions are always there. There are two out of forty clips where we see rude reactions. Otherwise, it goes all set.

He knows the thin line difference between pranks and misbehavior. A true star!

7. You touched 100mn views on one of your videos. How does it feel to be on top?

It feels great to receive such love and response from the audiences. The day when we hit 1 million subscribers, it was the happiest day of my life. It was a dream come true because I always wanted to help the weaker sections of the society. So we donated a lot on our success.

The video which hit 103M views –

8. What is in AVR’s bucket list for 2019?

We would be focusing on collaborating with some Bollywood and Punjabi singers. New experiments would be coming up. So, stay tuned!

9. Pick one: kiss prank or the mobile number prank?

The kissing prank as it had hit a great audience.

10. Message for fans in Rom Rom ji style.

Keep supporting me and blessing me with your love and viewership.

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