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Author: Yogesh Agarwal

Dhinchak’s Eviction – The Untold Story

Dhinchak! Dhinchak! Dhinchak! Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain, the youngest one on Bigg Boss Season 11 but has significantly made a great impact on the show, the inmates, the show ambience and much more. Well, right now the big news is that Dhinchak Pooja has been evicted from the home in the latest Weekend ka Vaar where nine members were nominated for eviction category. Talking about the journey of Pooja inside the house, it has been little bit controversial at the beginning but quite happening towards the end. Best part being her honest and straight forward principles that she...

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Dhinchak Pooja enters Bigg Boss House – Melodrama Begins

Well! Well! Well! As confirmed by Onplay News, Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain enters Bigg Boss house on 22nd October 2017 – Sunday Weekend ka vaar. Hence, this ‘WAS’ a big news. Yes, It WAS!! As what is so spicy now is the reaction after she entered the Bigg Boss Season 11. Onplay News posed few questions in its last article which has rightly got the answer. We all definitely wanted to know Salman Khan’s reaction over Dhinchak’s Entry, right? Well, keep patience and read ahead, you will get it all here. Dhinchak’s entry has been as ‘Khatarnak’ as Salman’s laughter after watching her cringe pop videos. Before, Dhinchak Pooja’s entry on stage, Salman watched a small compiled video of the works of Pooja, live on screen. As expected, he wondered what actually it was and his reaction answers it all. Here are few… Well, after this, Salman Khan welcomed Dhinchak on stage and started backfiring questions before she could speak, but! but! but! What was surprising was that Pooja was so much confident with her gestures. Though she is a very big Salman Fan, she held herself there as a poised celebrity there which just increased the respect for her even more. He left no stones unturned to mock her in every way possible, she stood there with utmost perfect personality and answered honestly and confidently. Well, Salman...

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CONFIRMED: Dhinchak Pooja to Enter Bigg Boss – Unorthodox to Mainstream Success

What if you wake up to this? DHINCHAK POOJA TO ENTER BIGGBOSS HOUSE ! And then suddenly find it wasn’t a dream. Yes! Hell Yeah!! Dhinchak Pooja will be seen inside Bigg Boss House in just a few days and mind you this is damn true. Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain famous for her most viral cringe pop “Selfie maine le li aaj” has left no stones unturned despite people having such mixed opinion about her songs and lifestyle. Even after her first two songs “Swag Wali Topi” and “Daru Daru Daru”, gaining some criticism over internet, her endurance...

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Be Savage – Rishhsome launches New Merchandise ‘Be Savage’

Just like Rishab Rana’s YouTube Channel – Rishhsome can be separated as Rishab + Awesome, same as that his new merchandise venture is Fantabulous (Fantastic + Fabulous) – Pronounced as “Be Savage”, this new merchandise brand kills it with the super cool “Delhite wala touch” in the theme of the merchandise. As appropriate as the venture’s name, the merchandises are engraved with phrases like “Chacha Vidhayak hai hamare” and “Darna Kis Baat ka area hai apne baap ka” that makes it so much Savageeeeeeee. Well, it is the best theme to reflect today’s youth as the generation is turning...

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#BBIndiaTour: Pune Chapter

Yet Again! A very interesting turn in Bhuvan Bam’s already popular chapter of BB Ki Vines. Bhuvan Bam, the YouTube Sensation who became popular after his content went viral through his channel BB Ki Vines has left no stones unturned to reach this level of success. The only Indian Youtuber to get awarded at South Korea’s YouTube Award Ceremony has come a long way through his hard work and dedication towards his content. Almost every person on this earth wants to come in limelight once in his/her lifetime and represent oneself at a huge platform where a large number...

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