India’s best show for youth, “BAKED”

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Baked is web series from ScoopWhoop channel with great acting and great direction.It is a binge-watch and will keep you right at the edge of your seats. It is written and directed by Vishwajoy Mukherjee and Akash Mehta.

It casts Shantanu Anam, Pranay Manchanda, Manik Papneja and Kriti Vij with their great acting and humor which will keep you glued to the screens.

It had a beautiful story-line where in race is not to win your daddy’s heart, it is just three dudes from DU (Delhi University) smoking and lighting up doobies, who tries to figure out a “business” which could help them make some cash.The story revolves around three friends and roommates Oni, Haris and Body.

Oni and Body live in a room as paying guest and Haris joins them later. Haris, a sweet spoken boy from Lucknow and is a very good cook. He falls in love with Tara and to win her heart he tries to do something or other.But few things backfires and lands him in problems. His friends Oni and Body decides, being Haris such a great cook – should open a late night food delivery service. With much of convincing, Haris accepted the offer and they start the service, where starts the real story. Their life goes on a roller coaster, with all up’s and down’s, they try to grab opportunity they get and sometimes screw them too.

The story shows some real pinch of heroism in Haris when he saves a man from committing suicide. He somehow manages the situation and encourages the man to live, making it worth watching. In many instances, in the series, he changes the serious situation into satire that would surprise you and make you laugh.

One of the reasons that this series is much liked among the youngsters is that it is very relatable to their dailylife situation.

The episodes are well written and actors have delivered it beautifully.The characters of Oni, Haris and Body from this series were received with much appreciation in the first two seasons for their whacky portrayals and have garnered positive reviews from the seldom-pleased-internet audience, with most of them awaiting a follow-up season 3.

This is definitely a must-watch if you want to watch something different from what we are seeing in televisions. Enjoy the ride with Oni, Haris and Body and you will be happily “BAKED” with this series.

Watch the trailer of Baked – Season 2

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