ZEE5 Pairs Sumeet Vyas and Kubra Sait with Fresh Talents for ‘Rejctx’

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The brand new offering from ZEE5, the subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, is a story about a bunch of friends who do not fit in and struggle with school life. ‘Rejctx’, as the show has been titled, is formulated based on the coming-of-age concept and aspires to put forth a compelling story that resonates with the country’s youth. ZEE5 released the trailer of the show at the beginning of the July, and it is slated to release on the video-on-demand platform on 25th of July.

Watch the Rejctx trailer now

Rejctx is a mystery drama set in a residential school. The fictional drama revolves around a bunch of students whose actions and past comes back to haunt them when one of their friends goes missing. The rest of the storyline forms based on a rap group formed by these youngsters to show their talent and also express their angst. The show has been shot in Pattaya, Bangkok. Already captivated?

But, what is so different about this show? Apart from the stellar star cast that pairs seasoned actors, Sumeet Vyas and Kubra Sait with fresh talents, Anisha Victor, Ahmed Masi Wali, Ridhi Khakhar, Pooja Shetty, Saadhika Syal, Prabhneet Singh, Ayush Khurrana, the show is co-produced by filmmaker, Goldie Behl. Taking a cue from both the trailers released till now, Sumeet Vyas and Kubra Sait play prominent roles in the show and other cast members make up the group of ‘rejects’, thus highlighting the name of the show. 

Veere di Wedding fame’s actor, Sumeet Vyas dons a new look for this show, which subtly shows that he is portraying an authoritative figure in this coming-of-age drama. Although most famous for appearing in light-hearted web shows, Sumeet Vyas’s character in Rejctx is highly sophisticated and mature. Going by the trailer, Sumeet Vyas’s character indicates that he is central to the theme of the show and plays either Principal or Vice-Principal of the residential school. Most likely, he would be the one investigating the case of missing student leading to a can of worms being opened for all the friends.

And what can be said about the other lead actress, Kubra Sait? She rose to fame after playing a bold club dancer in Kuku in Sacred Games season 1 and since then, there is no stopping her. In her new avatar in ZEE5’s Rejctx, Kubra Sait likely plays a counsellor or guardian to the residential school students. But her role is far from a typical school employee. In Rejctx, Kubra Sait’s character explores deep into her inner sense of sensuality and does not shy away from indulging herself into any such activities. But do not be mistaken by her appearance as shown in the trailer, she still plays an important role in understanding the lives of students and trying her best to uncomplicate things as a school guidance counsellor.

Other lead actors and actresses make for the world of rejects and form a band with the same name to display their talent as well as inner angst. 

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