#YoKeHuaBro Special With Aparshakti Khurana At Its Candid Best

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‘Omkar in Dangal, Anchor in General’ reads his Twitter bio, and quite rightly sums up his life so far. We present you #YoKeHuaBro special session this week with the man from the show itself, we have the amazingly talented Aparshakti Khurana. In a candid conversation with OnPlay news, Aparshakti spilled some beans on many topics ranging from his upcoming web series to his cordial relationship with his brother Ayushmann.

1) You have worked for all platforms, be it Radio, TV, Movies, Web series etc. How was the transition like? How did it happen?

Everything fell into place. I had never planned that I would do all these things. I work with anyone who I’m happy with, a happy crew makes work easy. I got opportunities and I took them as and when they came. We should just go with the flow.

2) How do you describe the following in a word?

Radio – First Love!
TV – Amazing Reach

3) You are also known for being Ayushmann Khurana’s younger brother. Do you look up to him for career advice?

It would be my loss if I don’t look up to him for career advice. Since we shared the same room in Chandigarh, I know his journey and his struggle better than anyone else. I make it a point to touch his feet every morning, and he truly is an inspiration. The amount of hard work that he has done to reach this level is something that should inspire everyone. Why just career? I look forward to his advice on anything.

4) Now, you are known as the cousin from Dangal. How do you feel when people start recognising you by your work?

In every performer’s life, there comes a time when your work gets appreciated to such an extent, that it becomes your best work till date. For some, it comes right at the start of their career, and it takes a bit of time for others. For me, it took a while, but it arrived at the right time. But, there’s a flip side to all the fame and popularity because people start expecting brilliant work from you every single time. Before Dangal released, many people weren’t aware that I am Ayushmann’s brother, maybe some of them aren’t even aware of it. I will not say that I got the role because of Ayushmann, but, the appreciation that I’m getting for my work, is all because of him.

5) There is no censorship on online content, and the comedy is getting bold and raunchier by the day. Looking at the trailer of ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’ looks bold in content.

You cannot censor anything. However, talking about bold jokes and raunchy content, we have to change with time. The jokes which people used to crack a few decades ago, won’t make anybody laugh in current time. If the content has got raunchier, even the people have become the same. The content has to match with the generation.

6. What do you have to say about web-series giving tough competition to other conventional forms of media?

It’s good to know that there is so much competition in the world of entertainment. But, I believe every form of entertainment has its own significance. Once in every 10-15 years, there comes a paradigm shift in the way Indians look at the world of entertainment. A few years ago, nobody was aware of YouTube. Now, YouTube is used even in the remote villages of India. Especially in big cities, where people have limited time to enjoy TV or watch a movie in a cinema hall, the digital space has become the most sought-after form of entertainment.

7)  You are a part of ‘You Have Been Warned’ Indian version. Any updates about your future projects.

‘You Have Been Warned’ is a non-fictional show for Discovery channel where I will try to showcase people from different walks of life who are trying their best to do something ‘Out-of-the-box’. I am really happy to work in a space which educates people.

8) Any thoughts you want to share about your short film titled ‘Khoon Mein Hai’ starring Kajal Aggarwal and directed by Kush Sinha.

 First things first, Kush Sinha is amongst the best people that I have met and Kajal Agarwal is beautiful inside-out. As I mentioned before, I love to work with good people, and once I start working with them, I forget what I am doing and I just go with the flow. I hope people like it just as they have liked my previous work.

We at OnPlay news would like to wish Aparshakti all the success in his future endeavours. His happy-go-lucky attitude towards life and with his feet firmly on ground, he is surely going to scale new heights with every successive project.

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