TVF Pitchers : Kya Aap Beer Ho?

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Everyone has the habit of going through the reviews and ratings before watching any series. Let us take you to one of them! The Viral Fever’s (TVF) latest mini-series “TVF Pitchers” has reached the top spot in Internet Movie Database (IMDB) with 9.7 rating points out of 10. Wanna know, what can be the hidden mystery behind it, which made it so popular?

This story initiates with four guys who quit their jobs to start their own company.  It is not as easy as it sounds. Come on, let us know about the characters they wore into:

One of the 4 legends is Naveen, who is pissed off at his company for not letting him lead a project, for which he worked really hard. The web-series revolves all around a question, ‘What are you?’ which is asked by Naveen’s mentor, Bhati, a billionaire. It is all about the four members who put forth an idea of start-up and also revolves around the problems they face during the journey of their self-discovery. Naveen, Mandal and Yogi pick up from where they left off to make it or break it at the event under any circumstance, while Jeetu has an agenda of his own to take care at home. The events unfold parallel to each other. The gang is just one step away from their dream which got spoiled cause of a silly mistake. What might be that mistake?

Let us jump deep of this content to know about it more.

Why should you watch TVF Pitchers?

The story is gritty and real. The series captures the heart and soul of the modern-Indian lifestyle in the big cities. The best part about the series, something that really differentiates it from the rest is the level of realism. There is no drama, there is no cliché. Sure, there are lots of cool lines (LOTS!), but they all seem natural and not made up. The brilliant thing is how the lines perfectly correlate to their respective characters like you really feel. It all mix of a talented person, an aggressive person, a friend loving person and a married guy, 4 persons with 4 different characters, who all together added humor as well as dedication.

The fact that such an extraordinary work of art has been made by such a small group of talented “aam-aadmi”, makes everything so much more appealing. From a brilliantly executed script to edgy dialogues that hit the nail in the head with the performance of the actors, also the extreme perfect execution of startup boom and the lives of corporate slaves made everyone to sit and watch the series worthy of their time.

Characters this side were both real and genuinely funny. “Pitchers” is a mature work of fiction. Right from the characters, their lines to the various scenarios, everything has something to add to the story, mostly in a good way along with comedy factor which makes you feel real.  That final touch and the end of the last episode- JUST CLASSIC!!


Watching Naveen Bansal’s speech on how he failed but yet chose to stand and face the crowd was Phe-no-mi-nal! which will really make everyone into tears. Life is morality, friendship, determination, courage &love; which are beyond being screwed up with bossy people.

“Life is more that giving in to worldly fears and driving your inner self to do better!”- A message to grab!!!!!

The story has punches, drama, dialogues, humor, suspense and some insane level stupidity continued as a saga to cheer up a part of your life. Each passing episode gives you the connectivity between your real lives with the Reel life. From Naveen’s speech to the frustrated software engineer Jeetu’s outburst, you feel like applauding and clapping with them for every moment.


Yes, the start-up pack has made their appearance and TVF Pitchers is coming soon by this year-end till then do watch the first season and make yourself awaited for the second! Thanks, for they are here to cure the fever of television with their own The Viral Fever originals.

We greedy for TVF!

The first episode of this epic series, Give it a start if you haven’t till.


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