#YoKeHuaBro Special With Suparn Verma At Its Candid Best

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From being one of the founders of the earliest video streaming services in India to become a director of one of the most anticipated web-series, Suparn Verma has had one amazing journey in the entertainment industry. Today, on OnTalk we have the man with multiple talents – Suparn Verma. Here are some of the snippets from the interview.

1. As we can see from the trailer, Yo Ke Hua Bro has already managed to grab some eyeballs and it’s already being touted as the next big thing in ‘Web-series’. What made you agree to get on board this project?

I love comedy. And it was a long time since I did one. In fact I started my writing career with Hansal Mehta Sahab’s ‘Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai’. My journey so far has been from ‘Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai’ to ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’. Plus, releasing it online has certain advantages. A comedy plus the freedom of a digital platform is what lured me into signing this project.

2. You have a great track record as a writer – director in movies, why this sudden shift to the digital medium? What was the driving factor behind choosing a ‘Comic-thriller’ genre for your upcoming Web series?

Actually, I come from a background of Digital Media. I have worked in the digital industry for almost a decade and then I ventured into film making. The very prospect of directing a web-series is so exciting since you don’t have any restrictions and boundaries. I like to have a good time, I like to enjoy comedy movies and TV shows. Here, I am not just a director, I am a part of the audience too. I really wanted to get back to comedy some or the other day. Thankfully, I am a part of ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’ and I hope the viewers will love the show.

3. Currently, Yo Ke Hua Bro is scheduled for a 5 episode series exclusively on Voot. Is season 2 on the cards? Or do you want to get back to directing movies after this?

Season 1  consists of five episodes and all the episodes will be released at once. People have gradually started getting adapted to binge-watching. I personally like to binge-watch shows like House of Cards on Netflix. This concept was originally started by Netflix which is slowly gaining popularity. People do not want to invest their emotions for a longer time on a single show. If people love our characters and the show, then surely there will be a season 2. We certainly have few ideas in the pipeline. (BREAKING NEWS)

4. From the reactions to the trailer, many people have observed certain similarities with the movie ‘Fukrey’. Your thoughts on this? Do you want to clear the air regarding this issue?

There is no issue. Other than the similarities in the Haryanvi accent, there are no similarities at all.

5. Who has been the best actor that you have worked with so far in your career? To put it in better words, who was the easiest to direct?

I have been really fortunate to work with the finest actors in the business. Be it Nawazuddin, Irrfan Khan or Manoj Bajpayee, everybody has been fantastic, and it’s my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with them.

6. If you’ve to describe these people in a word, how would you describe them?

Nawazuddin SiddiquiBRILLIANT!
Aparshakti KhuranaSUPERB!
Gaurav PandeyMUUAAHHHH!!!

7. Any fan moment that you would want to share?

Yes, It happened in Goa when a budding film-maker was trying to get in touch with me for a long time and he finally met. That was truly overwhelming.

8. Many directors have tried their hand at acting. Any plans of trying your luck with acting? You certainly have the looks and attitude to become one.

I have been a part of few acting assignments in the past. But, nothing concrete has come up for now. If I do get an opportunity to act in the future, I’ll love to do that.

Suparn Verma was straight-forward with his answers and the clarity with which he expressed his views was truly applause-worthy. We at OnPlay News wish Suparn all the success for his next Voot Exclusive web-series ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’ as we eagerly wait for more updates regarding season 2.

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