10 Lines you can relate to AIB Honest Engineering Placements

“Kaabil bano… kamiyabi to jakh marr k ayegi” – movie 3 Idiots

The line is only a dialogue in an engineer’s life, however, he/she agrees to it. We try to build a future with dreams in our eyes and books on the shelf. And there is only one way fulfil them–go through campus placements and get the best job as per industry standards.

“Ek baar job lag jaye bas”

Then branded clothes, expensive ties, hanging out in fine dines with the supercool colleague.

“Life to set hai boss”

AIB have designed these brutally honest videos that take you for a ride into engineering placements that many of us relate to. The dialogues and background score are to the point and hard hitting the reality of an engineering student.

Let’s take a look at some of the best lines of AIB- Honest Engineering Placements

  • “Apple to 3 saal se nai dikhe”

A sarcastic take on the lies we tell our parents about healthy routine.

  • “Mtech yahi na karni pad jaye, shayad me tha B.com kind of guy”

This is a fear for many engineering students who are doubtful about their placements.

  • “Selling you monotony of routine packaged as the good life”

This line is an eye opener for fresher and routine for many.

  • “Nahi yaar…. Kuch bhi kya”

We all have that annoying friend who says, “kuch nai padha yaar, fail ho jaunga” and ends up being a topper. The plot reminds you immediately of that one person.

  • “Chillauga me…. Kisi aur pe”

The honest situations where professor indirectly warns you not to cheat.

  • “Paani maar… fresh dikhna chaiye maal”

This analogy of engineers with vegetables in mass recruiting would make you stomp your feet with anger. But makes you laugh at the same time, isn’t it?

“At its heart, Engineering is all about using,

science to find creative and practical solutions,

its an noble profession”,

-Queen Elizabeth II


It is a great quote which we never practice in real life. We have some set procedures that we function in, as if in a god damn factory.

  • “Mali ka kya karoge, Sir?  Unke paas ungliyan hai ungliyan, testing me bitha denge”!

This dialogue is a story for many when they work on a different stream than they have learnt. 

  • “Sorry bro acha hua mujhe teri CS k adatnai lagi”

We all have that friend who is crazy for counter strike and can miss even an exam or placement because of it.

  • “ Bada basic sa technical question, uss topic pe, jo tum kal raat nahi padh paye”

You can relate completely to this even if you never went for a placement. This happens with every semester in every viva or external exams.

  • “My favourite hobby sir, is blinking”

This is an ironic scene for many as we only strive to excel in academics with our tuitions & extra classes, that we didn’t had time for any hobbies or extra-curricular activities.

  • “ ****** Indus valley civilization ka education system bitha rakhe ho”

Our education system has not changed over the years. The books come with new versions but syllabus does not. It happily refers the old books as always. The methods of teaching are absurd and age old, but expectations are high from the students.

AIB has a made a good roast on already roasted ones-Engineers.

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