#Ontalk With Harshdeep Ahuja-The man unfolding Vines in his own way

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YouTube has hundreds of faces in comedy, but the ones who mark thousands of subscribers are less. Today’s OnTalk guest is one among the rare kind. Harshdeep Ahuja, who is emerging as the Gagster of YouTube these days with his vines. Let us know him a bit more.

1) How did your journey start with YouTube? What is the story behind it?

It started two years back when I was on a sick holiday due to Jaundice. I made videos out of boredom and posted on my Facebook profile. The videos resulted in good appreciation from the people around. So I created a Facebook page. My first vine was posted on it in February 2016. I have started with YouTube from December 2016.

2) How difficult was it to choose a career in YouTube when you had a settled job? How do you manage your time?

When passion is present, nothing else matters. I have a full-time job from 8 to 5 but making videos is something I do out of my passion and interest. So, managing time in those midnight slots or on weekends become the ways to complete my will.

3) How did your family react to your decision? How do they react now after watching your videos?

Yes, it was difficult for them to understand my passion initially. They used to think of it as a waste of time. But, gradually when I started getting good responses from the audience and got a recognition, they understood it. In fact, they appreciate my work now and even none of my videos get posted without their approval.

4) There are so many channels and artists who are bringing the idea of vines. How do you think your channel is different from others? Is it due to execution or the script or your voice?

Firstly, I think the genre of Punjabi outlines a uniqueness. And talking about myself, I think my USP is my expressions. I always try to play with expressions along with sound effects which are rare.

5) Where do you get the ideas for your videos from?

I get ideas from two sides basically. One comes from the real life situations and family conversation and the other one comes from the old jokes my father tells me. I recreate those jokes in my way. People often appreciate me regarding this.

Real-life Viner are many, but recreating the old humour gives a true essence.

6) Do you think YouTube can be thought of as an emerging career platform in India?

According to my opinion, anything which we follow as a full-time career comes as a pressure, rather as passion. If you don’t get appreciation and revenue for your work, morale can go down. So, I think one should start with his passion but it isn’t necessary to take it full time.

Passion is not conditional of time.

7) Your recent video of “Tomato theft” was hilarious. How did you get such an idea? Do you own a studio set-up for the shooting?

The idea of the tomato theft video came from a joke on my family WhatsApp group which said a lady wearing a chain of tomatoes. So I got the idea what if chain snatching is replaced by tomato snatch. Regarding the shooting, I only have my iPhone and a selfie stick. When it comes to outdoor shooting, my friends help me with cameras. So it becomes easy.

8) Web-series and short films are the new trends. Do you plan any such projects in near future? Which is your favourite YouTuber and web series?

My basic vision is to portray my acting skills to a better level, be it be Bollywood or Punjabi movies. But yes, I would like to achieve that with my vines as the platform.

I like BB’s acting a lot. His vines are really good.

9) Your Facebook page cover says “One thing you will never see again of mine is.. Chin”. What does it mean?

It actually related with the Sikh people or the beard lovers. Our beard is never got to get cut, so we wouldn’t be seeing our chin again.

10) Which of your videos you think brought a turning point for you?

Honestly, my video about Private and government job interviews got very viral. In fact, I had to go to the USA but it was by chance that my VISA got rejected. If it wouldn’t have happened, that video would have never made.

Whatever happens, happens for good.

11) Which is your best fan moment?

Once I went to a restaurant with my parents. A group of people came to me and appreciated my work. They clicked pictures with me. The best thing about that moment was having fans and parents together. I was so happy and proud.

12) Any message you would like to give to your fans?

Thank you so much for all the love and support. Keep motivating me so that I come out with better ideas every day.


As Punjab adds merriment to India, Harshdeep adds happiness in the life of Indians. A true artist! Cheers to your success sir and OnPlay team wishes you all the luck for your future.

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