Afreen Fathima Bewafa Hai – A Comedy Sensation

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Well…Well…Well…You must have heard about Sonam Gupta who has been the “Bewafa Character of the Year 2016” during the demonetization process. Well, just to recapitulate, someone wrote “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai” on the legal tender (paper currency) which then got circulated all over India making Sonam Gupta infamously famous.

Well, something different this time, but we have the “Bewafa Character of the Year 2017”, Afreen Fathima, who has come out of nowhere through some fake profiles on the social media has gained some major limelight through Facebook and YouTube.

She gained such Bewafai Wali Popularity, that most of the popular YouTubers has made video about her.

The very first being Jayvijay Sachan, who is one of the best mimicry artist and YouTube sensation, makes a video about her in which he is found playing many characters and discussing about Miss Bewafa a.k.a Afreen Fathima. If you want to see a laughable conversation between Salman Khan, Munna Bhai, Paresh Rawal, Modi Ji etc characters talking about Afreen Fathima – Watch it below

Then we have the one of the most loved and trending YouTuber presently, Amit Bhadana who made a video which can give you some serious laughter goals. The most watched video about Afreen Fathima is the one that has been made by him. “Amit Bhadana ke facial expression bahut funny aur unke videos bahut engaging hote hai hameshasays one of his fan. Watch the awesome video below

Following that we have a differently conceptualized video by Harsh Beniwal that can give one some laughter bumps as well. The second most watched video about Afreen contributes for some great vines from the makers which is really interesting to watch with some story in the video.Watch the video below

We have some other YouTubers like Harshdeep Ahuja, Elvish Yadav, The Baigan vines who has made videos on these videos but they aren’t that fun to watch. But that doesn’t change the truth that Afreen Fathima Bewafa Hai.

So, let’s see how many more videos will be seeing about her and her Bewafai, but all we have to do is laugh 😉

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