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Author: Aishwarya Rathore

#OnTalk With The Viral Face Of Youtube: Dhinchak Pooja

She has amazed the audience with her viral videos and lyrics. But you will get to see the hidden side of Dhinchak Pooja today at Onplay News. Let us see the Delhi girl talking about her journey. 1. Pooja, When did you realize that you had a knack for singing? I have received no formal training in singing. But I used to do shows from a long time. And I recorded with just a simple Mike and beats, the video got so viral. If I would have an idea, I would have made it better. 2. People regard your...

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#OnTrend: Virgin Woman’s Diary

When it comes to a topic like virginity, most of us have seen debates and arguments going on in our homes or among friends but what happens if a show brings up this concept in a light hearten humorous way? Yes readers! You are hearing it right. “Virgin Woman’s Diary” is stealing gaze from the audiences crossing 1.5 million views in just eleven days. The show outlines a story of Kiara and Amit who are teens falling in love. The first episode starts with Kiara planning about her 18th birthday and how she would spend the special night with...

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#MotivationalMonday – In conversation with the youngest YouTuber of India: Andy Gujjar

In today’s world where exploring your dreams and what one wants to do in life becomes difficult, we have Anubhav Andy Gujjar who has started to work towards his interest from the age of thirteen and has become the youngest YouTuber of India as well as the youngest technical YouTuber too. So, let us get a strike of inspiration from his words. 1.  At such a young age, how did your journey begin with YouTube? I was always a curious mind. Nobody in my home used to give me their smart phones because I could explore it in the...

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#OnTalk with Rishhsome aka Rishabh Rana

From a C.A. dropout to being called the Beard entertainer of India, Rishabh Rana has come out as one of the unique YouTubers of India. From Rishabh to Rishhsome, let us know how the story unfolded. Presenting Rishabh Rana on OnTalk. 1. It is heard that you never saw any foreign vine video before starting with the same. Then, how did this idea generate in your mind? How did your journey start to YouTube? Yes, it is true I never saw foreign vines before starting the same. And I don’t know why I never saw them(laughing). As far as...

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#OnTrends : Every Indian Shopping Story By Amit Tandon

When the leading Online shopping store came up with one of the best performers of Indian stand-up comedy, the applause could be heard everywhere. This week’s OnTrend brings to you one of the funniest yet realistic video on YouTube by the humor king Amit Tandon in collaboration with Flipkart. Within just a week, this video has reached around 284k views and the count is still increasing. What is the video all about? The video covers how an Indian traverses through when he has to shop. Right from the older generations to Amit himself, he tells the thoughts and dialogues...

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