Have you been friend-zoned? – Aashqeen on ‘Guys being friend-zoned’

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We all have that big or small crush on a special someone, who we try hard to woo with all tips and tricks. The world seems different around them, the bells ring and the birds sing and you start seeing the world through rose tinted glass unless it comes to the ground shattered by the reality.

Team Ashqeen is doing a great job with their funny and witty makes on such real life situations. These short but efficacious videos freshen up and lighten the mood anytime anywhere.

Portray of real life couple stories and struggle of the one’s finding someone special with cute and innocent acts brings out many perspectives that tickle your funny bone. The situations are really simple but usually end with a twist to our delight. They have a savage take on many stereotypes of the society and break the barriers without losing the humor quotient. These out of the box ideas gives them an edge over other YouTubers.

Well timed scores fill the “No Need to say” moments in the videos. It adds up to the humor and lets you stay connected to the situation.

Band gaya patta dekho….” suites the plot really well.  😉

The video of Aashqeen being friend zoned makes you feel pity for the one’s around you in the same zone. A video to poke your friends with, on a completely puzzled guy trying hard to get one of her dreams.  An honest video on expectation Vs reality of a friend zoned guy or rather a “Grief-zoned” one when he tries to impress the girl.

Watch the video here

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