The one VIVA you shouldn’t miss!

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Most students still squirm at the mention of ‘Viva’. Many of the engineering students have had quite a nightmare answering the outlandish and unearthly questions that the external used to come up during the Viva-Voce. It was this idea concept of creating a spoof on Viva conducted in engineering colleges that took the India YouTube webspace by storm!

Harsha Chemmudu or Viva ‘Harsha’ as he is popularly known as, who played the role of a external viva, has a supreme sense of spontaneous gags, satirical takes on society in general and slap-stick comedy capers! Released in 2013, VIVA has managed rake an impressive 11 million views, the highest views of the channel till date. No wonder, the team cashed in on the video’s popularity and the channel was named ‘VIVA’ itself! The acting and the spectrum of spontaneous reactions that Chemmudu Harsha portrayed in the video, won him accolades all over. In fact, Chemmudu Harsha has already acted in numerous Telugu movies, after the ‘VIVA’ video went viral.

Since then VIVA has managed to leave us all in splits with their jocular visualizations of the mundane things that occur in society. ‘Facebook Baba’, ‘VIVA News’ are some of the most popular series which are a satirical  take on the addiction of people to the internet and massive TRP-hungry media outlets but it the picturization of the engineering life that VIVA do the best! From apeing the industry and college gap to making a hilarious take on engineering exams, VIVA videos really bring out the nostalgia associated with engineering life.

The channel has managed to create some very funny characters that are supposed to be the caricatures of real people you meet day in and day out. Be it selfie-obsessed ‘Stylish Dheeru’ or darling of the dames ‘Darling Das’, the scenes and characters have been developed in an uncanny funny style!

Their latest video titles ‘Drink and Drive’ is a comic caper with a social message. You can check it out here.

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