#OnTalk With Sahil Khattar : Sixteen Minutes with the Street Legman

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A man who started his career in a studio hosting radio shows has today become one of the most promising faces on YouTube. We have Sahil Khattar with us on OnTalk today. Let us hear the success story from the Creator himself.

1.From a being radio jockey to a popular face on YouTube, what would you like to say about your journey?

In my journey, I always tried on striking a balance because I was rejected in films and television initially. When digital platform got a success, people approached me from everywhere. So it’s more like, a journey of a Nobody to become Somebody.

2.What has been the best part of your journey?

There were amazing moments during my journey. Three months down the first clip, when I started getting recognized was something really special. Another proud moment was when Shahrukh acknowledged my work.

3.Do you think YouTube is emerging as a career platform in India?

There are two ways to make money through YouTube. One, being viral enough and two, being smart enough so that brands come and flock around you. In both the cases, a major requirement is a consistency in hard work. It takes time to get recognized on a platform like YouTube but once it is done, your career gets opened up to a variety of fields like films or television.

His thoughts are captivating. Aren’t they?

4.We read that you lied to your parents to come to Bombay. What’s the present scenario? How do they react now?

Yes, it is true. My parents wanted me to do business and I had some other dreams. So I came to Bombay to search for work. But as of today, my parents have shifted to me in Bombay and this is the best I could wish for.

5.Comedy is getting bold day by day. What’s your comment on that?

According to me, comedy is getting cold rather than bold. If you give out abusive comments on social media, it’s caught up immediately while if you crack an intellectual joke, people are offended. So the whole situation goes regressive.

6.Web series and YouTube are trending in India.What do you want to say about it’s future? Can we expect you in any web series projects?

The future o the digital industry is very bright. We have got some amazing content creators onboard. So I wish good luck to all of them. Coming to myself, you might or might not see me in films or web series. If I get a role which makes me feel like jump on immediately, I would surely do that. Else, you will be seeing me on a show on MTVBeats soon.

7.How was the experience of YouTube fan fest?

I have anchored many events but hosting YouTube fan fest was huge. When I entered the stage and started, the sound of those 6000 viewers brought Goosebumps. Being a YouTuber, it was a really special experience because it was filled with so much of love.

8.You ask weird questions in your street Interviews. How do such script ideas come up?

It is about having a dialogue and taking opinions on it. For example, we caught the word chill and started to think about what is chilling actually. And there you are, an episode on how people think of the definition of chilling is shot. So, that is how the process happens. It is entirely natural.

Being Indian is what he works on, but “BeingSahil” is what other work on after watching him.

9.Best fan moment.

There have been many moments. But the biggest happened when I went for a prank with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan on the sets. A girl came in shouting and clicked a picture with me. And John and Varun stood looking at each other. That is something I remember till now.

10.Any piece of advice for those youngsters who dream of a career in YouTube?

Be yourself. Being yourself makes you stand different from the crowd. Also, plan well in terms of how you want to take your dreams and passion forward. Strategize well before you start your journey.

11.What message would you like to give to your fans?

I just want to say that don’t loose faith in me. I will keep trying to entertain you all to the best of my efforts. Just be with me.

Sahil was prompt in his answers and his unique style added a magnetic attraction. A big thanks to him from the team of OnPlay.

A man who created name and fame on his own, Sahil Khattar. Listen to his audio note here at OnPlay News in his very own style.

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