#OnTalk With Mohit Hussein-The Man behind Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT)

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When YouTube is getting filled up with short films and Web-series, SIT is emerging as the new spice of the market. Their recent short film on Rakshabandhan, featuring Iqbal Khan and Aditi Gupta has reached millions of views.

And so, as we promised, here we bring to you the interview with the Founder of SIT, Mohit Hussein. His words will win your hearts, right away.

1) How did your journey with YouTube start? How did it lead to the making of SIT?

It has been a long journey. It all started when our daughter was born. I felt more responsible and as I started to work more, time for family decreased. Then came a point, where we decided to stop running and take a little break, more like a family D-tour of life. It was during this time that we thought of starting a channel on YouTube that led to the beautiful journey of SIT. Thereafter six months, we decided to take this as a full-time job.

He made tales of million views with his billion dreams and hard work.

2) Your videos sync with the audience very much. What do you think is the major reason behind it? Is it the script or the ideas or the direction?

It is an entirely a good team work that leads to a successful video. Even though the short films are of ten or fifteen minutes, the process has the contribution from every direction. From coming up with a basic idea to writing the screenplay with an added flavour by the actors, every step matters. And the main reason which makes a project successful is the honesty with which you portray it.

Well said sir.

3) We know Mohit Hussein as a director, a writer, a founder and a hand with screenplay too. Being doing multiple things, how do you manage your daily routine?

Fortunately, I have an experience of working about fourteen hours a day. Initially, I used to work so hard for other producers but now, I am working on my own which actually accelerates my zeal.

Life is tough but the ones who follow their passion makes an easy way out.

4) Your recent video about Rakshabandhan shows the bond of siblings. Do you think the modern picture relationships are limited to just one day and selfies? what kind of equation do you share with your siblings?

Honestly speaking, we are so stuck in commitments towards our work and life that things have started to grow differently. I have an elder brother and a couple of cousin sisters and what I realize is that the thought of Rakshabandhan has so much power n itself that distance cannot overcome its essence. We can be miles apart, but love remains.

5) What is your vision regarding SIT?

Our vision is to keep working to the best of our ability and continue to entertain people by telling stories with honesty and providing an experimentation in terms of content so that people get a fresh air every time.

6) Do you think YouTube is emerging as a career platform in India?

Hundred percent. All you need to have is the passion as a priority. A successful YouTuber is the one who keeps money on a secondary base.

Short and crisp. He is giving out one of the best pieces of advice.

7) Your channel name comes out to be very unique: Shitty Ideas Trending. What is the story behind it?

I will tell you honestly about it (laughing). In my case, best ideas come up after coming back from a loo. And a similar thing happened when we were thinking about the channel name. I just told Chhavi about this and we instantly connected to it. The abbreviation SIT too sounded cool.

8) Who is your favourite YouTuber or do you follow any web series?

There are a lot of independent creators who are presenting the amazing piece of works. Personally speaking, I like the content of TVF. Recently, the Inside Edge on Amazon prime also stole my attention.

9) What message do you want to give to our OnPlay readers?

Viewers are the most important segment. We exist because of them. So I just want to say that if you like our work, please share and spread the word. Your appreciation is our achievement.

Indian minds are full of aspirations and hard working veins in them and Mohit Hussein is one fine example. He has a knack of his craft and a believer.

Check out his audio here at OnPlay News

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