#MIA Tanmay Bhat resurfaces on Social Media

Tanmay disclosed that he is working on his book and would be back to the ‘world of living’ after finishing his book.

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Remember the Mumbai-based comedy association, AIB? The one that was famous for its satirical take on various routinely life activities, new year wishing videos, and the very (in)famous roast session of Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. This group rose to fame owing to all of such videos, but the year 2018 did not go as planned for the entire team. Last year, this group, founded by four fiends, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, Gursimran Khamba, and Tanmay Bhat, ran into yet another controversy when two of the founding members were accused of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Tanmay Bhat was asked to step down as the CEO of AIB, in October 2018, when allegations were made against for not taking appropriate action against Utsav Chakraborty, ex-comedian at AIB. In a somewhat similar instance, Gursimran Khamba was also sent on ‘temporary leave’ for not respecting a woman’s ‘consent’ and still pursuing her against her wishes. Since then Tanmay Bhat along with AIB has been missing from all of their social media handles. But roughly a few days ago Tanmay marked his presence on his Instagram handle, almost after six months, to ensure his fans that he is alive, but might have forgotten ‘how to social media’. But his Insta stories certainly showed that Tanmay’s flair for coming up with sarcastic content is still intact.

What leads to the disbandment of AIB?

When the wave of #metoo movement hit India in 2018, numerous allegations, few real and few for publicity, were made against many famous personalities of the film fraternity. When Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba got caught in this movement, AIB was compelled to take strict action as a responsible organization of the entertainment community. However, along with announcing the exit of Tanmay and Gursimran from AIB family, temporarily, HR head of AIB, Vidhi Jotwani, also mentioned on the uncertain turn of events this situation has caused for this comedic group.

Is Tanmay Back for ‘real’ or was it just a cameo?

After being away from the limelight and all his social media platforms as well for almost six months, Tanmay made his Instagram (re)debut a few days ago. He posted a few stories on his Insta handle, first being a thank you note to all those people who had written to him when he was away. Assuring his fans of his well-being, Tanmay then went to post amusing shots of some of the common household items asking his fans to help him re-learn the art of Instagramming. But the big news was yet to be revealed. In his last Insta story, Tanmay disclosed that he is working on his book and would be back to the ‘world of living’ after finishing his book.

While we don’t know when Tanmay will be back for good, but we do hope his health stays as good as his sense of humor.

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