Naya Bharat : A stream of game and fame

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Back in the days when parents used to lament about excessive gaming, they probably would never have imagined that the day would come when gamers could gain fame and money by doing what they loved most: playing their favorite games while streaming it live on the Internet. Indians, never too far from a global trend, have not stayed behind in this domain, and Indian gamers have utilized the full potential of YouTube to stream their gaming exploits. Here is a list of gamers/streamers who have made it big in the gaming scene:

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is the most subscribed YouTube channel for gaming from India, with around 2.09 million subscribers and 113 million cumulative views. Hailing from Mumbai, Aadii Sawant is the lad behind this success story which has taken about 8 years to fulfill. Most of his videos show gameplay of the famous game PUBG.


Perhaps the most famous of them all, CarryisLive is a streaming channel created by Ajey Nagar, best known for his roast page, CarryMinati. The channel is relatively recent, i.e. since January 2017 and has already crossed 1.54 million subscribers and 135 million cumulative views. This channel features not just PUBG gameplays, but a wide plethora of other games like The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed, God of War 2 and so on.


With a crisp bio merely calling himself a “Hindi Gaming YouTuber”, this profile initially began with reaction roast videos, later shifting to gaming videos altogether. The success story has 1.19 million subscribers now and more than 187 million cumulative views. Unlike most gamers, there are other gameplay from PC games like God of War, Resident Evil 2, Evil Within 2, etc.

Hindustan Gamer

This gamer profile excels in making funny gameplay videos with a characteristic cartoon voice, on primarily the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, along with a few other videos dabbling in games like Hello Neighbour and SpinTires MudRunner. The channel has a large fan base with the subscriber count exceeding 1.04 million and the cumulative views exceeding 235 million, all since October 2015.

Ron Gaming

This profile eponymously named Ron Gaming after the creator, Ron, features mostly PUBG gameplays along with multiple other gameplays from Rainbow 6 Siege, Destiny 2 and GTA. The channel’s subscribers number around 931 thousand while the cumulative view count is greater than 75 million.

Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming is a wonderland for PUBG fans, featuring solely PUBG gameplays with a variety of scenarios and maps. Kronten Gaming rise began very recently (in February 2018) and its subscriber count exceeds 886 thousand, with its cumulative count exceeds 78 million.


An attractive channel art meets the eyes when this profile is opened. MortaL, formerly known as VSxxBoLshacK, is a YouTube profile featuring PUBG, Mini Militia and Fortnite gameplays played on an iPad. The channel started its growth from September 2013 and now boasts more than 870 thousand subscribers and an impressive cumulative view count of more than 62 million.

Technical Guys

Unlike the previously cited channels, this channel is known not just for its gameplay, but also for game reviews as well as technology-related videos. At its helm is Rachit Yadav, a teenager, who is an avid lover of PUBG, something which is reflected in the videos posted. The channel stands strong with more than 758 thousand subscribers and the cumulative video count is around 65 million.

So, as the PM says, “Ye PUBG wala hai kya?” there are actually folks in India who can proudly say, “Haan, hum PUBG waali awaam hain”.

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