#OnTalk With Manvi Gagroo: The extraordinary talent who marked a difference with her ordinary roles

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You have seen her as Shreya in Pitchers and Chanchal in Tripling, but today you will meet the girl who made these characters so alive with her hard work and dedication. And she will surely touch your heart with the fourth answer of the interview.
Stealing the hearts and winning her audience’s emotions, we have Manvi Gagroo today on OnTalk. Let’s see what she has to say!

1. You are often described as real life Geet from the movie “Jab we Met”. How do you feel about it?

I do love that character a lot. People many times relate me to Geet because I am fun loving but the point lies in that I have other aspects of personality too. In fact, it came to me as a little surprise when people started offering me roles limited to this genre only.

Acting and limitations can’t go together for her. Cheers!

2. What made you do a transition from movies to web series? What difference do you find in both the platforms?

The major reason why I made a transition was that movies bound my skills to a certain type of roles. I always loved to continue doing new kinds of stuff. So, Pitchers happened to me luckily and things turned out amazingly. Talking about the differences, I think web series, first of all, is very new. And content wise too, it provides a very relatable scene to the audiences who are actually came out to be very smart in the last few years. They don’t need big masala movies now in the name of entertainment.

3. Very few people know that you are a psychology major. Does that come in handy while acting?

I was drawn to psychology due to my interest. So love for psychology continues to happen. Yes, it does come handy in my acting too. I have actually got a lot of help in my show Tripling because of the Godfather concept of psychology.

4. A question on Quora asks “Do you think Shreya from TVF pitchers is the ideal girlfriend for every guy”? Do you personally think such girls really exist?

I really think girls like Shreya exist. Actually the point doesn’t lie in finding Shreya jaisi ladki, it is also about being a Naveen jaisa ladka. We should try to form an ideal relationship rather blaming the other one.

Her thoughts are the ones to stick your heart at. What an answer!

5. What has been your favorite scene by far?

The break up scene of Shreya and Naveen from Pitchers is my favorite.

6. How do you think web series are evolving as the future of Indian television?

You are right. People are actually taking a shift from television to web. But weekend television reality shows still steals a good number of audience. People are moving, but that would take a time. At least now we have an easier internet access due to Jio. So, you can be online and enjoy the content.

7. Do you follow any Indian web series or YouTubers?

Yes I do watch a lot of content online. I personally liked Baked, Permanent Roommates and recently, Little Things of Filter Copy.

8. Is season 2 of Pitchers or Tripling on the cards?

Yes, for sure. Pitchers 2 would happening around the end of this year and Tripling season 2 might be along the first half of 2018. But the storyline and casting is yet to be decided.

9. Describe the importance and meaning of following in accordance to your life in one sentence :

TVF : Family
Movie : No one Killed Jessica
Shreya : Naveen

10. Any message for your fans of Shreya or Chanchal?

For fans of Shreya, I want to thank the audience for giving so much appreciation and love. They found something relatable in my characters which I really admire. So be it Chanchal or Shreya or Manvi, I love my audience a lot. I feel proud and happy.

So, with a little Ganpati at her home this year too, Manvi Gagroo throws a large bunch of love and happiness to her audience. Team Onplay News wishes her good luck for all the upcoming projects. And readers, don’t miss out her audio on the click below.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

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