TVF Tripling – Flashback Season 1 & What is in store for Season 2

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When one is in crisis they need someone for support. We generally seek for support and concern from our friends but the emotional support that comes from family cannot be compared with anybody else. Ever been on a road trip with your siblings? Ever thought of sharing your deep dark secrets with your siblings? In the era of stories on love triangles, ever thought of stories on three siblings, all unhappy in their lives, entrenched in their own crisis, meeting up and having a great time together?
TVF Tripling took us on one such adventurous road-trip with the season one of Tripling which was a grand success. In addition to having an unexpected storyline, the lead characters added the cherry on the cake by sublime acting performances. The lead star-cast included Maanvi Gagroo, Sumeet Vyas and Amol Parashar playing Chanchal, Chandan, and Chitvan respectively. Divorced, pressurized and jobless-three problematic lives were destined to meet each other.

The eldest sibling (Chandan) gets divorced and returns to Mumbai to meet his younger brother Chitvan who is a DJ. However, Chitvan, who portrays the character of a cool, youngster, is in debt. So he plans to take his elder brother on a road trip to escape the debt collectors and also to meet their sister (Chanchal) who is married to Pranav, an heir of a royal family of Jodhpur who is trounced into royal duties in his youth. Chandan and Chitvan reach Jodhpur and meet Chanchal who is under familial pressure to give birth an heir, is faking a pregnancy! This results in an altercation with Pranav. Chanchal leaves Pranav’s Mansion and joins her brothers on their road-trip. The Tripling soon finds themselves lost in a desert in the middle of the night. They stop and arrange a bonfire. Playing the game they used to play in childhood, Dirty secrets, they discover a lot about each other’s personal lives and their deep dark secrets. They find a ray of hope in the morning when they see three Israeli girls who help them with their lost route. However, Israeli girls steal their car and run away. They reach Bhatinda in order to find their car. They get into unwanted trouble with the handler of the Isreali girls, ‘Marco Polo’, which ironically lands them in jail. Pranav comes and bails them out. The ‘tripling’ break apart as the disgruntled siblings take their own separate ways to reach Manali, where their parents stay. Pranav joins them too. Under the cusp of parental love and care, the tripling get a different perspective of their own life crisis and also get a better understanding about one another. Problems between Pranav and Chanchal, somehow, take a backseat and both seem to be happy with each other. Chandan learns not to spoil his present with future thoughts. Chitvan and his parents go on an unplanned Roadtrip . We see the season ending on a beautiful note that next time when life hits them, they would have somebody to share their problems with.

Now the exciting news is that the first look of season 2 of TVF Tripling has already been out. As we see in season 1, we only expect the bond between the ‘tripling’ to grow stronger in the upcoming episodes. The music in season 1 was cool AF! (Remember Chitvan’s MadaFaka?), get ready to tune into some cool tunes, come season 2. Releasing this March, TVF Tripling is already in teenagers’ list of favourites.

Love is what keeps us connected. Staying under one roof, we never realize or express explicitly, our love for our siblings. It is only when we are torn apart, we wish to spend a lot of time with them which then becomes merely impossible as everyone stays busy in their lives. We always want to live life our way, but one lesson we must learn is: To stay happy while staying together!

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