#OnReview : ALTBalaji’s Cyber Squad is making Buzz in the teens

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ALTBalaji’s Cybersquad is a series about teen aged crime busters who join hands and work undercover with the cyber crime branch. It is yet another “solve the case” kind of series but stand out as no one has ever focused on the technology based teenage shows and refreshing as it gives out something new in every succession.

It all begins when a schoolgirl Payal’s facebook account gets hacked and an MMS is made out of her personal photos. Jovita Jose aka Tia who has just joined the school a few months back decides to stand against it and tries to help her out. Tia is a bold and talented hacker who uses Omkar Kulkarni aka Rocky’s computer setup which is super cool with alarms and cryptographically sophisticated security system to find the culprit.

Rohan Shah has a naughty role of a hideous guy who is a teacher’s pet on the outside but carry red horns inside. Roshan Preet’s aka Uzi adds a great deal of humor with his hormonally disbalanced personality lurking around Bianca, a bitchy character in the series and wishes to be surrounded by girls all the time. Don’t make up your mind on Uzi being a creepy guy; he has a great presence of mind which solves the cases to a great deal keeping the humor alive.

This smart bunch of school goers incidentally make a perfect team i.e Cybersquad to fight against the cyber crime when they successfully solve Payal’s case. They work undercover for Cyber cell as Inspector Bhosle asks their assistance. But they tend to make a mistake which puts everything on stake including the cyber cell and Inspector Bhosle’s career.

Although crime scene is different in every episode, the series in the background portrays the story of teenagers and their school life struggles, schedules, friendship, relationships, politics and dramas. Tia’s character is substantial as she effortlessly goes through any security system and boldly stands against the wrong in school. In an interview with Onplay News Jovita Jose had mentioned that she had auditioned for the role of Bianca but ended up with role of Tia, and she has truly justified the role.

The series is for age group 12-18 years who have their world at fingertips. A good series to alert teenagers about misuse of internet and social media.

Watch the first episode here

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