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Shayad Vo Pyar Nahi: It’s not just a Poetry, it is an emotion

The recent video by Spill Poetry, Co-Founded by Foram Ashish Shah has gained a huge buzz on the internet. Be it the famous poet pages or the poetry lovers, everyone has been talking and sharing about this video. If you haven’t watched the video yet, we would tell you why this video is winning the hearts of the audience.

Why it’s a Must watch?

The modern scenario has evolved with so much development. Development of technology, development of living standards, but the one thing which has not changed is the value of emotions. This video will make you realize the hidden aspects of the definition of love. A true love, which is beyond the physical parameters, a love which has an unconditional bond, and a love which is not just bounded to social media or conversations.

Poetry is the language of the soul. Every word of the video strikes the bottom of the heart.

Yahya Bootwala, the speaker of the poetry stole the show with his pauses and expressions. He has become the new heartthrob of every girl. And to your surprise, we have the performer giving out a little outlook on his performance.

1. Generations today are so much confused about love. What do you think is the major reason?

This really doesn’t have one answer. Plenty of reasons but one that I feel is a major one is that we as a generation have stopped accepting and living with our partner’s flaws. We really give up easily when it comes to relationships, people just stop trying, give in to arguments and somewhere the love gets lost. I think that is the saddest part.

2. Who was the writer of this poem?

I like how you doubting the fact that it wasn’t me. But on a serious note, I have only written it.

3. How do you think YouTube has evolved as a media or career platform?

More than YouTube evolving, I think the audience has evolved to a great extent. We spend more time on the medium and are constantly exploring videos. So good content is getting the right response. More and more people are noticing this and hence posting more content.

4. Message for Your Audience?

Anything I say will seem less only because it means nothing in front of the love they are showering me with… All I can say is that I love them all for the amazing response they have given me.

Founder Corner (Daaniyal Sayed) :

1. How did such a unique idea come in your mind?

Spill poetry was my idea, but it came into execution with the help of my dear friend Foram Ashish Shah. We started off by conducting poetry slams. We are a team of five people now, which includes me(Daniyal Sayed),  Ashish Shah, Yahya Bootwala, Deepali Gupta and Azania Patel.

At spill poetry, we believe poetry is an art of sharing wisdom, we believe that there is a lot of volunteer voices with so much wisdom, which needs to be heard, so we are just here to amplify the voice of artists. And also make them feel important, and we don’t want any artist to think that their art is going waste.

2. Did you expect such a huge response from viewers?

We didn’t expect such a huge response. The video has more than six lakhs views on YouTube and this video alone gave us more than 30 thousand subscribers within a week which is huge and we are so grateful.

3. What do you think was the USP of the video?

The USP of the video is the relatable content and simple language Yahya used to explain such a complex phenomenon called love.

4. What would be your future plans regarding YouTube or any other projects?

Our future plans are to release more slam poetry videos, mainly two videos a month, in both Hindi and English language which cover various poets and various topics.

”  प्यार का पता तो किसी के पास नही!
शायद एक किनारा, एक सहारा नज़र आ जाए”
-ऐश्वर्या राठौड़  “

Don’t waste even a single second and feel the beauty of Poetry and expressions through this video.

Ishq Mubarak ho!

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