#OnTalk with Manav Sethi | CMO of Balaji tells Onplay about Cybersquad

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So here we are readers, back with the second exclusive OnTalk interview with  Manav Sethi, the Chief Marketing Officer of AltBalaji. So what happened when our team interacted with him? What did the CMO say about the upcoming web series Cybersquad? To unlock all these doubts, let us get through his focused and amazing answers to Onplay questionnaire.


  • How would you explain Cybersquad in a single tweet?

Show about responsible teenagers who use technology to thwart abuse of technology by adults

  • Two shows back to back revolving around students (school). “Class of 2017” and now “CyberSquad”. What’s the strategy behind it?

Today’s teenagers are dealing with a lot in real life. This is evolutionary in nature and this is pervasive as it includes academics, relationships, sex, substance abuse, peer pressure and pressure to perform. The underlying value systems are evolving too as there is fear of being “left behind”. No Indian production house except ALTBalaji has focused on this segment of “teens” to create shows whereas this segment is the largest segment that consumes tech enabled entertainment. So it’s an obvious path for us to take!

  • What is the reason behind Rohan Shah consistently appearing on Balaji shows?

Can’t think of any other reason except his good acting and character fitment in the script.

  • When there are so many other shows which tell about teenage and the crimes associated, how do you think CYBERSQUAD will be different on the platform?”

None of the existing OTT platforms have made shows in Indian languages on this TG. We are the first platform to create a show as #ALTBAlajiOriginal

  • Sir, As you said the show targets the students between 12-18 years, do you think the boldness quotient of the show is highlighted in the correct manner as per the age group?

Shows like this are based on real life incidents and are inspired by such stories which have either happened somewhere with somebody or else the likelihood of its happening is deemed reality. Today’s teenagers are smarter than adults in some perspectives and learnings. They are fastest adopters of technology and hence its impact on their lives. Cybersquad is an attempt in this direction.  

  • When are you planning to launch it? (release date)

Within next 30 days.

I must say that Balaji has got the best marketing face in the house.

Best of luck AltBalaji.

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A sneak peek to official trailer:

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