TVF Inmates – looks Hilariously Promising

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Being an epitome of web content for the Indian audience, TVF has always delivered subtle life stories which have touched the right chords. Though, TVF faces a massive competition from the other digital content developers, its loyal fan base and talented dugout has always done wonders. For luring the youth and to gain viewership, listing sex on the menu has become too mainstream. However, TVF has steered away from that general notion. Though, a pinch of boldness with various spices of emotions has made TVF the most tempting dish on the menu. And so comes TVF Play with its new venture TVF Inmates – a story of three bachelors staying in one madhouse.

TVF’s web series – Inmates is about a group of three bachelors renting a house and leading a happy-go-lucky life. Written by Raghav Raj Kakker and Kashyap Kapoor, this web series looks hilariously promising. And the first two episodes already have enough potions of fun, drama and entertainment.

Now as the story revolves around three bachelor-cum-friends and one insane house. We have Madhav, Rahul and Fooga sharing the roof. Madhav, basically is a virgin and is desperate to get laid. Rahul, on the other hand, is a struggling actor who fails to clear even one audition. All his auditions are arranged by Richa, his casting director, who stay a floor above. The trio is completed by Fooga, who is a freaking gamer and does nothing – Eat, Sleep, Play and Repeat types! Now the fun consumes the house when Kay, Fooga’s MUH-BOLI-BEHEN joins them. Madhav initially creates a ruckus about sharing their apartment with Fooga’s sister but eventually ends up giving his room to her.

In the first episode, Madhav is devastated as his tinder date goes haywire. Rahul fails to clear one more audition, for which Richa is very pissed with him. And our very own Fooga is looking for his dad. He is the in-house-Sherlock! Meanwhile, Fooga informs that Kay, her half-sister is going to stay with them. After seeing Kay, Madhav fantasizes about sleeping with her but Rahul warns him.

In the second episode, while Madhav tries to impress Kay, Fooga loses Sam, his pet cockroach. Kay throws a party where everybody gets very high and Madhav still tries to impress Kay. But the situation takes a sudden leap when the trio of Madhav-Rahul-Fooga find Richa and Kay under one blanket.

  • OMG! What are the two girls doing under one blanket?
  • Are they les..? What?

Watch TVF Inmates and find out all the answers. The first two episodes have created a laugh riot and now the expectation are high, so lets hope that the rest of the episodes are kick ass too.


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