Permanent Roommates – A TVF Platter

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We may not have it all together, but together we have it all, What a roommate defines!!

Yes, A friend can’t become a roommate, but a roommate can become a friend.

So, here comes an innovative thought by the well-known media private limited, The Viral Fever (TVF), with an awesome creation, putting a pipeline idea into live media, viewed in front of you as “PERMANENT ROOMMATES”.

Yes, this whole web series revolves around commitment-wary Tanya, and Mikesh, her overeager long-distance boyfriend. Wanna know the real faces of the actor and the actress.

Here we go,

Mikesh Chaudhary is none other than the one who is an active supporter of theater and claims to enjoy working as a theater artist rather than in Bollywood, and the face behind him is Sumeet Vyas.

Yes, readers, The thrilling master, the cool guy and the actor who never allow his audience to take away the eyes from him, is here now, in front of you. And our actress, Tanya, aka Nidhi Singh, who is very famous Youtube celebrity from Allahabad acted intellectually and logically, on to which every girl thinks about in a relationship, is disclosed in the show.

This series is a happy break from the cliched stuff.  It depicts and goes with hand-in-hand the modern society, broad-minded and reasonable people, within a simple story line.  Basically, this easily relates to the things happening around you.It resembles the couples, who want to stay in live-in-relationship. It initiates with a long distance relationship which interims with live-in-relationship and again ends up with long distance relationship.

You waited for a while, right, after reading the above line. Yes, you should because, It simply depicts the meaning of love, no matter if you are in long distance relationship or live-in-relationship. Two extremes of life are reflected in front of your eyes in this show, i.e., when you are as far as making a video call and when you are as near as sharing a single bed with a roommate.

This show will make you think, but first, it will make you laugh.  Moreover, it’s a punch packed in five short videos, which will nevertheless not waste much of your time. What makes it better is awesome acting by each and every one especially, the character of Lleo and Purshottam brings an off charts humor and originality to the show.  The twists, pause, camera angle and subtle humor are among the best I must say.

So, guys hurry up to watch the show,  Wrap it fast, because the second season is awaiting you..!! If you do not follow this series, have a look at first episode to give a start:

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