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YouTube has opened up a great passageway for people to learn and teach ample of stuffs that range widely. We all see videos of YouTubers, but we don’t know them behind the scenes and even how they look as they only have a voice-over in the videos.

Technical Guruji posted a new video where all the YouTubers in Melbourne are telling their side of story of how did they begun and how did they feel after achieving so much. This video has lot information about your favorite YouTubers. It is interesting to know how they begun their journey, how much they are earning, their difficulties and their life now as a celebrity.

Video is made in a funny way telling why actually they all started making the videos, what thought process they had in the beginning and how they bring new always for the viewers and Then Technical Guruji started asking rapid fire kind of questions and started trying to pull-off their leg. YouTubers like GeekyRanjit, Bhuvan Bam, Technical Guruji had given great words to the beginners on YouTube.

Ziddi Bano



Have Patients

Bhuvan Bam


Content should be good and consistent

Technical Guruji

They had a great time there with many sessions going on and meeting top YouTubers of different countries. Moreover they won an International Mini Golf Competition where 9 countries participated including India. Bhuvan Bam is seen in a video playing the winning shot.

Summing up the Article with YouTubers’ Subscribers and Total number of views on Videos uploaded:

Shruti Anand

Language: Hindi/English
Type: Beauty and Lifestyle
Subscribers: 882,130
No. of Views: 161,768,524 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)


Name: GeekyRanjit
Language: Hindi/English
Type: Technology Reviews
Subscribers: 1,080,828
No. of Views: 230,239,798 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)


Name: Exam Fear education
Type: Educational videos
No. of videos: 5700+ videos
Subscribers: 328,228
No. of Views: 106,645,573 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)

Sabeen Mathew

Name: Learn Engineering
Type: Engineering and technology
Subscribers: 984,159
Language: English
No. of Views: 81,968,350 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)

Sejal Kumar

Name: Sejal Kumar
Type: Fashion and lifestyle travel blogs
Subscribers: 329,986 subscribers
No. of Views: 36,183,213 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)

Bhuvan Bam

Name: BB Ki Vines
Type: Comedy
Subscribers: 4,148,651
No. of Views: 573,149,826 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)


Name: Kabita’s Kitchen
Type: Cookery
No. of videos: 360+ videos
Subscribers: 1,897,536
No. of Views: 353,529,356 views (14/09/17  11:00 p.m)

A must watch for Young YouTubers who are aspiring to be like them.

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