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Ragini MMS 2.2 Trailer Launch

Ragini MMS 2.2 Trailer Launch
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Ragini is back! But this time she is more sultry and more scary. Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS has been one of the most erotic-horror franchise. This time the show runners are going to release a web series, which is anticipated to be an epitome of sex and horror.

The makers have up the hotness quotient by casting Karishma Sharma and Riya Sen in the web series.

Ragini MMS 2.2 Trailer Launch 1

The release date of Ragini MMS 2.2 is not declared yet but the web series is already creating a lot of buzz. Earlier today, the show runners released the first trailer of the much awaited web series. The trailer is believed to be receiving a positive reception from the viewers.

The trailer is available on Ekta Kapoor’s online entertainment company, ALT Balaji. For more news and updates, tune in to Onplay New.

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