‘Titu Talks’ with the ever funny and humorous Bhuvan Bam

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If you’ve not been living under a rock for a past year, you must be aware of Bhuvan Bam, one of the most famous and humorous personality, who is known for his YouTube channel BB ki Vines. Bhuvan became widely known among the YouTube watching millennial as the funny and sarcastic YouTuber in just a matter of a few months after his vines went socially viral on many media platform. Today, he has a whopping 12 million subscribers for his channel on YouTube. In fact, he was the first Indian YouTuber to reach the target of 10 million subscribers. He is also an avid singer and has composed many songs of his own.

Recently, Bhuvan came up with a new chat show concept ‘Titu Talks’, where he dresses up as one of the witty characters from his vines videos and interviews celebrities and famous personalities. Till now the channel has aired two episodes of ‘Titu Talks’, with the latest one released on February 23.

Titu Talks Episode 1 – Ft. Shah Rukh Khan

The first episode of ‘Titu Talks’ made the head turns of the viewers as it was graced by none other than the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Bhuvan interviewed the ‘Badshaah’ of the Indian film industry in wake of the release of his movie ‘Zero’ in December. Shah Rukh Khan interacted with Bhuvan and answered some of the questions, which revolved around his new upcoming movie. The show was full of awkward roasts and answers, which is expected when Shah Rukh Khan is talking. From punchy and funny one-liners to serious talks about heartbreak and success, the first episode of ‘Titu Talks’ was a combination of thoughts with humor.

Titu Talks Episode 2 – Ft. Johnny Sins

The most recent episode of ‘Titu Talks’ took a big leap from the Bollywood industry to adult film industry where Johnny Sins guest starred as the celebrity personality. If many of you are thinking that this episode had been entirely focused on discussing the adult film industry, then you are partially right. In episode 2, Bhuvan asks questions about how the adult film industry works and how its productions are carried out (you even get to know about how to enter the industry). But this episode was far from being a discussion on the adult film industry. Bhuvan was also seen mocking and throwing Hindi punch lines at Sins, which obviously bounced off his head.

But Sins revealed a whole lot about him in this episode. While it may not come as a surprise to some of the readers, but Johnny Sins’ real name is Steve Wolfe, and he even runs a YouTube channel by the name Sins TV. On this channel, Sins posts videos related to health and workouts to help viewers get in shape.

Episode 3 – ft. ‘?’
The first two episodes had been full of jokes and witty one-liners that the anticipation for upcoming episodes is now higher. While it is not clear who will grace the ‘Titu Talks’ in the next episode, it would not be wrong to expect the same level of surprise and excitement as in the first two episodes.

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