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When it comes to a topic like virginity, most of us have seen debates and arguments going on in our homes or among friends but what happens if a show brings up this concept in a light hearten humorous way?

Yes readers! You are hearing it right. “Virgin Woman’s Diary” is stealing gaze from the audiences crossing 1.5 million views in just eleven days.

The show outlines a story of Kiara and Amit who are teens falling in love. The first episode starts with Kiara planning about her 18th birthday and how she would spend the special night with Amit. Her checklist is being prepared when one of her friend enters the room and ask Kiara what she has planned for the first love making session of her life.Well, Kiara comes from a traditional family where her mother describes virginity as aurat ki laaj! First episode has already banged YouTube with its concept. Let’s see how Kiara manages to complete her checklist.

The plot is completely relatable in today’s scenario. And we have Kabir Sadanand (Producer, Series Director and Concept creator) to tell us more about the show.

1. Why do you think parents don’t talk about issues like virginity and sex with their children?

This according to me is the biggest problem in this country. Turning our face away from “difficult” subjects is not the way to deal with it. Half baked knowledge and the contrived information is leading to major damage to kids. And we adults tag it “our traditions”. In fact, I believe it is important to speak and explain to kids what sex is. But the correct way as well. Sex shouldn’t be a taboo subject, which it currently is. Sex education is important so that the youngsters know what’s right and what’s not.  Abuse is going unreported and there have been publications on interviews with a rapist that tell us that because this is a taboo subject, it lures people into it in a wrong way. It’s time it should be stopped. Sex is no crime as long as it’s consented. Yes, there is a right time and age for it, and it’s the parent’s job to teach their children about this.

2. What is the USP of this show according to you?

It’s light hearted, targeted to entertain and we slip in a message. All decisions need to be thought over wisely and be responsible.

3. Your favorite part of the first episode?

The delivery! we were running against a clock.
On a serious note, I think it was when Delnaz and Archita who spoke about tampons and we all cracked up. Loosing your virginity is considered by many in this country can make you loose your character.

4. How do you think short films and Web-series are emerging as the new trends?

With 2 million plus views on our 2 episodes, the writing is on the wall. There is a huge audience with an appetite to be entertained with current and lighthearted content. 

5. Message for your fans.

We all have the right to make choices for ourselves, and we must respect and not judge others and their decision. We say, live, let live and respect all.

Fair enough! So friends, don’t miss out this show. You would definitely love this. 


Click on the video below to see the first episode.

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