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Indian YouTubers shining at Melbourne Creator Summit 2017!

Indian YouTubers shining at Melbourne Creator Summit 2017!

YouTubers had a great time at the YouTube Creator Summit 2017 in Melbourne with top creators participating around the globe including India. The Big-names from India have joined the summit including Bhuvan Bam, Technical guruji’s Gaurav, Kabita, Sejal Kumar, Shruti Anand, Sabin and Roshni.

Here’s the travel-vlog from Shruti Anand which says it all !

India won the International Mini Golf Competition where nine countries participated. These guys are making the country proud not only being great YouTubers but also winning the competitions held in the summit. The nine countries that participated in the event were Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia, India and Vietnam.

Here is the video which shows how the Youtubers enjoyed the Mini Golf CompetitionBhuvan Bam playing the winning shot.

 Check out some cool snaps of your favorite YouTubers enjoying at the Creator’s Summit

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Indian YouTubers shining at Melbourne Creator Summit 2017!

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