#OnReview: Humorously Yours – The Drama behind the comedy

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With the advent of digital entertainment, Web Series and Stand-Up Comedy have been making waves all over the Internet. Many Entertainment Networks like TVF Play, Scoop Whoop, VB on Web, All India Backchod have been quick to jump into the bandwagon of web series to bring out interesting content and one such series is TVF’s ‘Humorously Yours’. Directed by Amit Golani, the web series features a ensemble cast of Vipul Goyal(The Protagonist), Rasika Dugal(Vipul’s Wife), Abhishek Banerjee (Vipul’s Best Friend), and other popular names such as Tanmay Bhatt, Kenny Sebastian and Kanan Gill.

The Web Series revolves around stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal (played by Himself), who has quit a secure job to pursue a career in comedy. Three years down the line, although he is popular among his fellow comedians as a good comic, he hasnt had that ‘breakthrough‘ yet. He is actually good on stage but his lack of people skills dissuade him from the recognition he deserves.

The show empathizes with the utmost humiliation a stand-up comic can experience when his hard work is grazed to a halt by an unamused audience. But again, the show twists around cheap sentimentalism to prod the protagonist – and the audience – towards hard but fast learnt lessons.

Vipul’s relationship with his wife is a glimpse into the life of the typical young couple that live in the Indian metros. They are independent individuals, having a life of their own outside their home, a career and an ambition. They live on equal terms, divide chores that defy gender roles but still argue about the everyday sexism and their hypocrisy in the way they deal with it. Their debates are very much relatable to the talks that the uber-India couples have like the instance where Kavya argues why should the female partner be the only one to handle all the ‘bai-issues’. Vipul counters her asking why should he be the only one to bring in the heavy 20 litre water bottle. They also argue about other issues like feminism and its misinterpretations that more and more nuclear households are grappling with changing times.

Throughout the series, the exchanges between Vipul and Kavya, are beyond adorable. While the bits from his stand-up performances bring in the humour, their chemistry adds up to the essence of the story. The web series weaves a compelling story showcasing what really goes behind the stage and all the tribulations and hard work that goes into creating a 15-minute act.

‘Humorously Yours’ is a rejuvenating story that deserves a watch.

Check out the 1st episode of ‘Humorously Yours’ here.


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