#OnTrend week 37- We All Have That One Friend Feat. Ashish Chanchlani

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As the YouTube trend is changing regularly, Ashish Chanchlani and Nick of BeYouNick gave their fans a perfect gift. Recently, the duo collaborated for a video, WE ALL HAVE THAT ONE FRIEND. Ashish and Nick are not only successful YouTubers, they are also good friends in real life. The chemistry of the duo is very much appreciable in the video, and so, the video has garnered a whopping 2 million views. The video does not disappoint at all and is utterly hilarious.

To know more about their collaboration, we caught Ashish Chanchlani once again on Onplay for a quick candid discussion.

1. What kind of bond do you share with Nick?

Nick and I are very good friends and we share a mutual love for each other’s content. We met during an interview and then after we became friends. We even belong to the same state which makes our bond stronger.

2. Apart from Nick, do you plan to collaborate with any other YouTuber in particular?

I would love to collaborate with every YouTuber, who is talented and believes in originality.

3. Who crafted the collaboration? Whose idea was it?

From choosing a location to writing the script, everything was Nick’s idea. I was reluctant at first as I thought that this idea would never work. But once I finished shooting my scenes with Nick, I really felt happy. My only involvement in this video was as an actor, rest everything was done by Nick and his crew.

4. How did you guys decide that on whose channel the video will be uploaded?

The script was written by Nick, which makes it obvious that the video had to be uploaded on Nick’s channel. We also decided to crosspost the video on Facebook to receive mutual love from the fans.

So this was Ashish Chachlani exclusively for OnPlay News. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

Enjoy watching the video here, if you haven’t.

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