Parichay: The One ‘Introduction’ you shouldn’t miss!

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“The story of success hath many a page unread and ignored”

Amit Bhadana’s new video has proved this sentence again. No feat was achieved without determination and hard work and Amit Bhadana’s growth is a testimony to the same. Standing tall with 13 million subscribers, this desi YouTuber has brought to his fans his first music video, featuring Ikka and Byg Byrd.

“Kis Baat se hai tang,
Duniya se nahi, khud se hai teri jung”

Thus starts the song, with the simple relatable lyrics yet striking a chord with the common tongue, which is so characteristic of every Amit Bhadana video. The video song features his own life seen through his lenses, right from his childhood days. Having to cope with the loss of his father at a very tender age as well as the added pressure of the family responsibilities, the young Amit learns his lessons, the hard way. The story goes on to describe Bhadana as being a humorous lad at school, while simultaneously depicting the sacrifices he had to make in life. Studies in his college days were not his cup of tea but then YouTube presented before him an entirely new opportunity. Thus began the life of Bhadana as a YouTuber, a decision which revolutionized his life. Undaunted by initial copyright strikes, he went on to create his own original content in Hindi.

There is an unmistakable presence of a rustic feeling in his videos, which perhaps has struck a chord with the real rural India found in the commoner’s house than the in the wide avenues of the developed metropolitan. The song goes on to describe the condescending attitudes of fellow YouTubers who ridiculed his content and dialect, the voices of whom were soon drowned in the rising fame of the young YouTuber’s glory. More than once in the song, Amit Bhadana describes the film/entertainment industry as moths attracted to the lamp’s light, of succumbing to another bigger lamp’s glow. The video makes multiple tributes to his fans and subscribers for being the source of his strength and inspiration and the fans have showered the same love to the song. Within a week of its release, the song has hit more than 2 million likes. In fact, Amit Bhadana shared a picture on Instagram announcing the same.

In the song’s refrain, he has repeatedly praised YouTube as a platform which opened a new world to him and gave him a family, a fact which rings true for numerous other content creators across the world. The song can be an inspiration for similar creators across India, encouraging content that is indigenous yet popular and entertaining.

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