Ashish Chanchlani at Nagindas Khandwala’ Montage Fest

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Nagindas Khandwala College’s Department of Mass Media had organized a fun packed and starlit event MONTAGE’17 with many renounced names as their guests. The fest which was on 8th and 9th September had some powerpacked performances with Directors Raj & DK and Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani as the guests. It followed with really inspiring and thought provoking dialogue with the dignitaries.

Montage 2017 is all about being vibrant, bold and different but especially about being you. It’s about living your life your way

—Montage Organizers

We got curious about the event and went out to know more to the organizers who answered some of our questionnaire (Below).

1. Apart from enjoyment what is Montage fest all about?

Montage has always been an infotainment festival which gets you knowledge, information and real life experiences wrapped and packed with entertainment and enjoyment. For the students who organize Montage along with their Coordinator Prof. Preethi Rao, it’s an experience of a lifetime. Montage gives each one of them a platform to learn and execute. The students actually get a hands on experience in organising an event where the best in the industry attend and recognize the talent. They build the entire event from scratch hence Montage is also about a team, a family and emotions.

2. You had many guest including renounced actors and directors, so why did you think of bringing a famous youtuber as a guest in the fest.

Social media is a booming space and industry, its accurate utilization has curated a handful of “social media celebrities”. These people are just like you and me. Young, full of ideas and a will to achieve something in life and with the help of these platforms they have done it impressively! We aspire to get speakers with whom our audience can connect with and fill up their bags with souvenirs of the ‘Montage Experience’ only to come back the next year and learn some more.

3. It’s hard for college students to approach and convince the celebrities, how was your experience with Ashish Chachlani? How you approached him?

Our team was very persistent on having Mr. Ashish Chanchalani amongst us for Montage 2017. They gave him a call giving him the details regarding our festival and how much we wanted him to be a part of it and since that very day we were in touch with him.

Param Sharma, Jay Desai and Nikita Dhar are the ones who have put in a huge amount of efforts to make it happen. As astounding as it may seem, Ashish was always more like a friend rather than the presumed notion that we have of young celebrities. It has been nothing but a pleasure to have established and maintained contact with him in order to make him a part of Montage 2017.

4. In a video, Ashish has a cool entry, what other activities were scheduled for him on stage?

Keeping in mind the tremendous craze that the followers and fans of Ashish Chanchalani have, a grand entry had to be a part of the event. With the patent Ashish Chanchalani music, dancers, beautiful ladies and two guys suited up for Ashish’s personal security, the entry magnified the energy of the auditorium and the vibe at that moment was extremely overwhelming and overpowering, exactly how we wanted it.

In the lineup with Ashish we had an interactive session where he spoke about his journey and life also how he walked the path of being claimed “Social Media Cha Raja“. Next up, we had fan interaction where his fans could speak to him, converse with him and have the time of their life.

Also, we had a Special Meet & Greet session where we saw tears of joy and laughter and so much more when his die-hard fans got to an opportunity of meeting him in person, one-on-one and seeing who he really is.

5. What do you have to say about Ashish Cchanchlani as a person behind the screens?

Ashish Chanchalani off of the camera is a genuine young and passionate guy who loves what he does and loves the people who have made him who he is today. His eyes are in the sky but his feet are on the ground, friendly and rooted. Also, did I mention funny? He is absolutely hilarious.

The event turned out to be very successful with lovely and hardworking organizers.

Check what Ashish Chanchlani had to say about MONTAGE’17 Fest

Thank you for all the love AT THE MONTAGE FEST ❤ you guys are amazing

Posted by Ashish Chanchlani on Saturday, 9 September 2017

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