#OnTalk with Rohan Shah : The Ro-Man Of The Young Indian Screen

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Bade Ache Lagte Hai, Humse Hai Life, V Serial, and so the list goes on. From playing the role of child Kaal in Krissh 3 to being the Indian teenagers’ inspiration, ROHAN SHAH has proved himself everywhere. His Instagram bio says, “I act, I write, I dance. I’m an artist and don’t restrict myself.” And so today on Ontalk, we have the ‘OnEveryStageArtist” Rohan Shah with us. He is 22 but his answers bring out an eccentric definition of an artist. Check out his interaction with the OnPlay team here:

  1. How did you begin your career as an actor? Which was your first project and how did you come to sign it?

I was six years old when I did an advertisement for Colgate as my first project. My mother was so excited to see me on TV. So, she said yes to the team. They told a budget of 40,000. First, my mother thought that she will have to pay the amount to the team to get me in the advertisement. But later they explained that they will pay 40,000. I will just have to act for them. so that was how my story began.

“6 Years, First Project, 40000. It’s wow flick!” 

  1. Your character in “Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar” stole a huge fan following. What do you think people like the most about it?

I think the character was written in such an amazing way that it had to get appreciated. It had a perfect blend of fun, emotions, and stability. It was the best role I could get.

  1. You have covered all the entertainment platforms, from TV to movies to advertisements to web series, all at such a young age. How does it feel?

What I have realized after ticking off so many areas of television is that you have to ACT, whatever the platform is. I have learned so many things, for example, TV Shows taught me spontaneity. Television completely opens you up as an actor whereas films have the privilege of time. You can prepare well before take. Coming to web series, I think they are quite a new concept swinging between the films and television.

  1. What difference do you find in the web industry and other platforms?

The age at what I am, I find the correct audience and quicker responses through web series. You get to learn the likes and choices of different people from different towns or cities. I have done web shows like “Class of 2017” and “Cybersquad” and they have gone well for me.

  1. You have worked in various production houses like Hotstar, AltBalaji and much more. Who is your favorite and why?

I personally love the people, but AltBalaji is my home now.

  1. We had Manav Sir ( CMO of AltBalaji) in our OnTalk session. When he was asked why Rohan Shah is a consistent face of Balaji, he said that Rohan’s good acting skills and character fitment make him work with us more. What’s your take on it?

I am glad (with a wide smile). It has been like five years working with Balaji now and it feels like my own production house.

  1. What would you like to say about your upcoming web show Cybersquad?

The show is close to my heart as the target audience is of the age group 12-20 years. People of this age are so genuine that they give me very honest reviews about my work. Working with the team was a great experience.

  1. You have also tried a hand in direction. you directed the short film “Lovestorying”. So would Rohan Shah be seen as a director too?

I have been exploring every zone whether it is writing scripts or blogs or direction. It’s not a profession-profession thing. It’s just that apart from acting, I am trying my hand on things behind the camera as well.

So many kinds of stuff! Isn’t that inspiring friends?

  1. We saw Rohan Shah in Boogie Woogie dance show long back. So would you be doing any Dance projects as part of your career?

I am not doing any Dance projects for now. But if it comes to me, I would definitely go for it. I just love dancing.

  1. Direction and acting comes from one side. But you are very much active on your blog as well(Check at bottom for link). So how do you manage to write such beautiful stuff?

I am not actually that well when it comes to communication. So writing and dancing let me express my emotions in a better way. That’s how I jot down my random emotions into words and manage my blog.

  1. What is the best memory do you have with any of your fan?

There have been many memories. But recently when I was in a small town in Australia an Indian girl, who worked there approached me. Unlike other fans, she appreciated me over my blogs and writings which really got me excited. It was really surprising.

  1. Which is the best role of your career till now?

        The character of “Class of 2017” was the most challenging one. I really grew as an actor after doing it.

  1. What would be your dream project?

 I can dream nothing except being a hero for Imitiaz Ali. I am really looking forward to work with him. “ I am just waiting for your call, sir.”

  1. What message do you want to give to your fans?

    Thank you so much for all the love.

The actor was a real sport during the OnTalk and blushed a little when asked upon his female fan following. So readers what would you call him? A writer, a dancer, an actor or a director. Let’s just call him RO-MAN, a true artist. To read his blog, click here.

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