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His answer to 5th Question would make you love him even more

Nobody can forget the character of Gattu in the show “ Baa, Bahu Aur Baby” played by the well-renowned theater artist Deven Bhojani. Not only in acting, the man owns a mastery in his work behind the camera as well. He has given viewers one of the most loved shows on Indian television, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai series. Some of you might remember Deven as Dushyant in the series of Sarabhai but how many of you know that he is the director of the show too. Yes! It is true.

We wrote an article on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take2 review on Jul 18, 2017, and to your surprise, OnPlay team recently interacted with Deven Bhojani and got to know some amazing facts about him. So let us read the Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take2 story, coming out from the director’s heart itself.

1.How well was the excitement of coming back after eleven years?

When Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai first came on television, people used to say that it is ahead of time. It was during the repeat telecasts(around 21) that the show got huge ratings and fan following. People started emailing us and we got so many messages on social media about the return of the show. And in these eleven years, the Sarabhai cast has been like a family and in constant touch. So we kind of relived our memories of the season one while shooting for Take2.

2.How did you get to manage the time of such fine cast together again? Was it a bit difficult?

Since the Web-series was planned short enough of about ten episodes, it was easy for everyone to take out time for the shoot. We completed the shooting of Take2 in about two months.

3.Coming to the title, choosing “Take2” for the second season came out to be a different idea on the internet.Who was behind this creativity?

The “Take2” was chosen through an online hunt. Fans were asked to suggest titles for the second season. Three or four people suggested this idea and we selected it.

4.The biggest twist of the season launch was that it came out on the platform of Hotstar, the television of Internet. What is your take on this?       

The decision was taken by the Star Network and I completely appreciate this twist. Since we had planned for about ten episodes for Take2, I think choosing the internet was a better option. Today’s generation is prone to watching English Web-series and youngsters comprised a bigger part of Sarabhai fans. And so, it became a plus point. The easy access to show on mobiles made it reach to a larger youth audience.

5.Your character Dushyant was loved by the audience, yet we saw you more as a director in the Sarabhai series and less as an actor. Why?                                                 

Thank you so much. But compromising the script value just to increase my role in the show is not right in my opinion. Dushyant is a funny character and the true essence comes out when his contribution is taken in the correct amount in the show.

6.A new character Jasmine was seen in Take2 which was quite interesting. How did the idea of this character come to your mind?                

Jasmine was entirely the idea of our writer Aatish Kapadia. When we sat together and discussed it, it sounded well to go with the script and so we agreed upon adding this character to the show.

7.Sir, can we expect any news on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 3?

For now, I cannot say about it.

8.When can your fans see you next in any Web-series? Have you signed any other recent such projects?

Offers keep coming. But I haven’t signed a project yet. I am an actor open to all kinds of roles. So if I find any character through which I can make a significant contribution and can attain a creative satisfaction of my own, I would definitely sign the project.

9.What message would you like to give to your fans?

I just want to say that I am thankful to all my viewers and fans who appreciated me throughout these years as an actor, as a director. I will keep trying my best to give such Family entertainment to all of you.

Deven Bhojani is a true artist. So our dear OnPlay readers, if you are also a Sarabhai fanatic reading this article is a must for you.

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