Vidya Vox – Cover of Indian Songs

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“Music has no language and can transcend all borders and every limitation.”

I love music. Do you? I know your answer is yes because everyone loves music, may be the style differs!

Here, it’s high time to introduce everyone’s favorite YouTuber vis-à-vis singer, Vidya Iyer”, better known by her stage name Vidya Vox.

Vox is an Indian-born YouTuber, singer born in Chennai and raised in Virginia, United States.  Hard work and luck pushed her so firm that ever since March 2014, her videos have received over 300+ million views, and her channel has accumulated over 3+ million subscribers.  Let us know the secret behind her huge bulk of subscribers and views on her channel.

Music was not her lifelong dream, but it wasn’t something she lucked into, either. Music is always her part of life and she grew up learning Carnatic musicVidya sings in a band which is organized by Shankar Tucker who is an American clarinetist and music composer.

She took a strong decision of making music as her career, after a collaboration with Shankar Tucker. She used music to find her identity in a dual world (India & US). To her, music played a great role healing the world that seems to be imploding with hatred.

If you have noticed, she always sings mash up’s but not covers or original’s. Yes, the reason behind this is, As an Indian immigrant in the US, she grew up struggling to find her identity amid the stark differences in the culture, she was born into (India) and the one she was growing up in (US). She felt like she was part of two different worlds at the same time. She thinks a part of her always yearned to merge her two identities. She found her outlet in music.

It helped her blend her two worlds in a way that preserved their uniqueness, but still felt natural together.  In so many ways, her music is a direct reflection of who she is as a person. But finally, she released an original.When asked in an interview, she says,

“I think it was a natural progression. Experimenting with fusions and different sounds helped me understand myself and figure out my unique style. It helped me decide what direction I wanted to go in. I feel ready to introduce it to the world now, so I released “Kuthu Fire. I’m so excited because it’s nothing like anything I’ve done before.”

Her Statement about music:

I feel music has a very important part to play in making the world a less negative place.

Take a look at most viewed cover of Vidya Vox: The Chainsmokers – Closer | Kabira (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) (ft. Casey Breves)

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