#OnTalk With Amit Bhadana: The Man who lives Simple, thinks Higher and aims to achieve the Highest

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Right from his first vine, he has made a special place in the hearts of his audiences. Be his dialogue delivery or his style, Amit Bhadana has emerged as one of the promising faces of YouTube. Not only his vines, but his words too would make you his fan right away.
Let’s hear out Amit Bhadana on OnTalk today.

1. How did your journey start in this field?

I used to enact the daily life observations around me in my own style to my friends. It was during that time that one of my friend suggested me to make vines. I started with Facebook and finally came on YouTube in March 2017.

He simply applied wisdom to his talent and a success tale began.

2. How do you think social media has evolved over these years? Do you think Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, can be chosen as a career?

If you have the talent, I think social media can be a very good platform. You should pursue your dreams and you should live that desire within you. Platforms can be many, but making efforts is what is important.

3. What do you think is your USP? Is it your ideas or language or the script?

I think my audience serves as my foremost USP. Coming to my videos, I think the way I over act upon the content is unique. I play my character with utmost sincerity and my audience loves the way I showcase it. For example, if I don’t wave hand in my style, people ask me why won’t I do it.

Meri Janta hi Meri USP Hai. Well said sir.

4. How does your family react to your work?

As long as I am not a thief, my family is okay (laughing). But seriously, I am a little shy when it comes to sharing my videos with my parents. They do watch them. And yes, they feel happy when people come home to meet me and appreciate my work.

5. What’s your take on Saharah trending these days on Facebook?

A similar thing called Sayat also trended on Instagram some time ago. The thing I do not understand about this concept is the double standard of the people which comes out. For example, if I tell you on your face that you are an idiot, you would fight with me but if that same thing I tell you anonymously, you post it on social media trying to be cool. It’s a complete nonsense.

6. Message for your fans.

You all have loved and supported me throughout my journey. Just keep your blessings on me. I will keep giving you the medicine of laughter. Thank you a lot.

The most amazing thing about this man is that he doesn’t follow any other star, rather he aspires to achieve a star out of him. He believes in himself. And that is why, we like you sir. Your simplicity wins every game. Do not forget to check out his audio.
A big congratulations from the Onplay News Team on your recent trending video.

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