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Where will you get the most happening and trendy outfits at a giveaway price? Ask Sejal Kumar! Well he didn’t just do that, we asked her a lot of other questions too – everything about her videos and her YouTube journey as part of the Diwali-special #Ontalk feature. Following are the excerpts of the same:

1. You father is an Army man and your mother is a gynecologist. Why did you opt for an unconventional career of being a YouTuber?

My parents never insisted me on following their footsteps. When I was completing my schooling, I taught myself to shoot videos and edit them because it was something that I loved. Then I discovered YouTube which was sort of an amalgamation of all things that I liked to do. So I made a YouTube channel and that is how it started.

2. How do you decide on the topic or the theme for your next video?

I initially used to do only fashion videos but I like do to a lot shopping and styling too. So I decided to pick up these topics too for my videos. Obviously now I am doing a lot of different videos, including sketches. I am thinking of diversifying my channel now.

3. Does Sejal Kumar do all the editing, rendering etc. of every video or is there a team behind it?

Initially, I used take help from lot of my friends for working on my video. Now I just take help from one friend who helps me in editing and other stuff.

4. What do you think is the best and the worst part of being on YouTube?

The best part is that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want to. The worst part is that once you get an audience you have the fear of letting them down.

5. What did your parents react when you told them that you wanted to be a YouTuber?

They have been supporting me from the beginning. My mom helps me with my work and my dad helps me in managing the accounts.

6. How has life changed post-YouTube success?

Before my journey on YouTube, I was lazy but after I started making videos I have become more disciplined and sincere. I have been putting a lot of hard work. It is also important to self-motivate yourself because no one going to pressurize you to put up a video. I am also constantly working on improving my content and trying to make my videos better.

7. What is the difference you see between your first video and the latest video that you put up?

I like my first video very much. I had put in a lot of time and hard work on it. The shots of the video had come out beautifully. So when I see my first video, I get nostalgic. When I see my latest videos, I understand that one has keep hustling and keep doing one work or other. I also realize that I have got better at my work.

8. You channel has videos over a wide category of topics. How do you decide on the category of the next video?

I make a lot of seasonal videos. So if it is Diwali, I will do something that is related to Diwali. But from the next month, I am trying to diversify the content so I will be doing sketches, fashion videos and a lot of other stuff too. So I am trying to balance out on the allocations of topics over the eight videos that I do every month.

9. Which is your most memorable collaboration?

I think it has to been the collaboration that I did with ‘BB ki vines’. We hadn’t actually planned anything but we did it in an hour and the content came out very nicely.

10. How was your experience of being part of the YouTube Fan Fest at Melbourne?

It was great! I became friends with some of the top YouTubers in India. I also interacted with so many YouTubers from others countries too. I also interacted with the YouTube team which was very helpful and I ended up interviewing Freida Pinto. 

11. How do you keep in check the expectations of views?

Initially, I was paying a lot of attention to it but as you grow, you try focus more on the content than the views. So it is something that I am trying to balance it out. Maybe, the next time you interview me, hopefully, I would have achieved that balance

12. What was the weirdest question asked on your feature #AskSejal?

The weirdest question was – If I was getting married anytime soon!

 So are you going to answer that!?

It’s a ‘NO’!

13. What is your dream project that you would like to work on?

I would like to start a business of my own and maybe act in a YashRaj movie.

14. Would you like to give any message to your fans?

Thank you so much for your support. The past one and half year has been great!

We all have seen the bubbly, super-energetic Sejal, brimming with pride as he showcases her steal deal fashion hauls in her videos but today we saw a different Sejal Kumar. Cool, level-headed and infinitely adorable as usual! We wish her a Happy Diwali and the best for her oncoming projects

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