#OnTalk with Rishhsome aka Rishabh Rana

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From a C.A. dropout to being called the Beard entertainer of India, Rishabh Rana has come out as one of the unique YouTubers of India. From Rishabh to Rishhsome, let us know how the story unfolded. Presenting Rishabh Rana on OnTalk.

1. It is heard that you never saw any foreign vine video before starting with the same. Then, how did this idea generate in your mind? How did your journey start to YouTube?

Yes, it is true I never saw foreign vines before starting the same. And I don’t know why I never saw them(laughing). As far as my journey with YouTube, I actually used to do some creative stuff on Snapchat like videos or anything else. So, my friends suggested me that I should start putting them on the internet as well. That is how, it stroke it all.

2. Web series and short films are the new trends in India. What do you want to say about their future? Can we expect you in similar projects in the near future?

Web series and short films are amazing concepts and right now they are trending everywhere. I think they will have a great future ahead. Yes, we are planning a Web-series on our channel Hasley India. Talking about the future, it might be Bollywood or some other project. You never know!

3. What do you think is the USP of Rishhsome Channel?

The way I express and blend it with humor is somewhat I think makes my channel unique.

He marks an impression with his expressions! Well said sir.

4. Give a one word description for the following :

1. Hasley IndiaLIFE
2. YouTubeGOD
3. Vine MakingPASSION
4. Harsh BeniwalBHAI

5. We saw the change in the logo of YouTube recently. What would be your Facebook reaction and comment on it?

The reaction would be wow and the comment would be shaandaar, jabardast, zindabad!

6. Who has been an inspiration to you throughout your journey?

Every person who does a creative job motivates me. I get inspired when I see people out there doing such amazing jobs.

Inspiration can be found anywhere if you want to. Isn’t it?

7. Who is your favorite Indian YouTuber?

I like the concepts and production of Jorindian. I look forward to watching its videos.

8. Best fan moment.

Recently when I was at the Mumbai airport, a guy crossed me on the opposite escalator going down. I went up to McDonald. After a while the same guy came to me and appreciated my work. He took a selfie with me. When I asked him about what he does, he said, “ I am from army”. That very moment I felt so proud and happy. Later on, I took a selfie with him.

9. Message for your fans.

I am really thankful to all of you for supporting me and loving me so much. Keep doing that. And people, follow your passion. Plan well. Success would definitely come. All the best.

He was such a humble soul all throughout the interview. OnPlay team wishes you a great future ahead Rishabh. Cheers!

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