#OnTrends : Every Indian Shopping Story By Amit Tandon

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When the leading Online shopping store came up with one of the best performers of Indian stand-up comedy, the applause could be heard everywhere. This week’s OnTrend brings to you one of the funniest yet realistic video on YouTube by the humor king Amit Tandon in collaboration with Flipkart. Within just a week, this video has reached around 284k views and the count is still increasing.

What is the video all about?

The video covers how an Indian traverses through when he has to shop. Right from the older generations to Amit himself, he tells the thoughts and dialogues of every person about how to shop and where to shop. Amit makes the video more promising by outlining a very real example of shopping a fridge. And how the shopping leads to irrelevant discussions among the family and how the Indian shopkeepers behave is something that would steal your laughter right away.

From a boon for the younger generation to a hiccup for our parents, Online shopping has had a big impact. And Amit covers every aspect in the wittiest yet realistic way.

Why watch it?

The reason is simple, Amit Tandon. The man has added the flavor of comedy in his own unique way while maintaining the dialogues of the Indian families very naturally. Be it using “Sharma ji ki dukaan- Sanskar Electronics” or the story of a sadist shopkeeper, Amit has banged every dialogue delivery. I bet you would laugh hard watching this video. Not only this, you would definitely watch it with your family as well.

Not Over Yet!

We had a little chitchat with Amit and despite being busy in abroad, the humble heart took out time to talk to us about these few points. Let’s have a look:

1. What do you think is the major reason for our parents and grandparents not able to relate with online shopping?

One, they are not used to buy something they cannot see or touch. Secondly, getting along with a technology at the age of 60 is not easy. They cannot trust someone they have not seen.

2. What do you think was the USP of this video?

It describes the struggles which occur when we go shopping in person and the different types of salesmen we meet.

3. How difficult was the journey of becoming a stand-up comedian? What inspired you the most?

It has not been an easy way. I have been in comedy for last seven years and it is just one and a half years now that people have started recognizing and appreciating my work. From an audience of two to performing in small pubs or experimenting with your content, you have to just keep working harder every day. My inspiration lies in the laughter of my audiences. It is addictive. I can go back to stage even for a single laugh from the audience.

4. Any Message to your fans?

Don’t get offensive. Everything is done in a good sense of humor and we should take it that way only.

“ Millions of views on his five minutes videos but there have been billions of unsaid struggle stories that have brought him till here.” – Aishwarya Rathore.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below

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