Dhinchak’s Eviction – The Untold Story

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Dhinchak! Dhinchak! Dhinchak!

Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain, the youngest one on Bigg Boss Season 11 but has significantly made a great impact on the show, the inmates, the show ambience and much more. Well, right now the big news is that Dhinchak Pooja has been evicted from the home in the latest Weekend ka Vaar where nine members were nominated for eviction category.

Talking about the journey of Pooja inside the house, it has been little bit controversial at the beginning but quite happening towards the end. Best part being her honest and straight forward principles that she has displayed in every point of show. Starting with the incident of being leeches found in her hair, she was being really embarrassed by the inmates of the house on the very next day of her entry yet she keep her calm with some other inmates helping her out adjusting with the totally political and diplomatic environment inside the house.

She has shown immense dedication towards her rite and upbringing inside the house by not letting any male contestants make any normal touchy approach to her. From barring Akash from keeping his head on her lap to not letting another contestant hug her closely, she has proved her approach for the show. Talking about the task, though she has been targeted as the worst performer but eventually with twist coming up, it was because of her that the house got its luxury budget.

On being given the task to make a song for Bigg Boss Season 11 and the inmates, she completed it perfectly with the support of the inmates and shot an amazing video song. What a video song!! Creative and very true according to situation. Coming to Dangal with Sapna, she won the first round with her argumentative and tackling skills as well but could not save herself frim loosing on the following consecutive rounds and nominating herself.

She has been an entertainment for the show, for the inmates, for Salman as well! Haha. We guess Salman enjoyed it the most mimicking and imitating her song. How can we forget Parineeti, Ajay and Rohit Shetty getting sarcastically keen to hear her song? All of a sudden from a YouTuber whom hardly any mainstream bollywood star knew to a Bigg Boss Inmate whom almost very Bigg Boss Fan and many superstar know at this point. Except for some leeches, she has been amazing. Never Mind! Medikar Hain Na! On a serious note, on every point of show, what we have always appreciated is that- Dhinchak has been really Dhinchak with no ‘diplomatic behaviour’ but only ‘dhinchak behaviour’. We will miss her presence  on the show.

Can we expect her re-entry yet again? Like Priyank, will there be Dhinchak Pooja Season 2? Onplay will have the answers soon!! Stay Tuned!!

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